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我是专注亚马逊欧美日澳市场专线渠道,空运、海运,海卡DDP一站式服务。我们运价时效稳定安全,美国3-4工作日提取,英国3-5工作日提取等等,新推出海卡专线,价格实惠,时效稳定 -欧洲海卡-美国海卡-日本海卡!我们发货速度快且价格低廉稳定安全,旺季的到来为了不排仓和断货及给公司带来损失记得发货哟,时效,清关,服务都是我们的优势。有意向可咨询电话/微信:18322969675 ,此时留言给你带来不便还请理解!
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Bevard Research and Production Enterprise (BEWARD) is a leading Russian company, founded in 2004 as a developer and manufacturer of IP cameras . Over the years, Bevard has managed to apply and adapt all the accumulated international experience in the field of IP solutions in Russia and to minimize the cost of such solutions. At present, BEWARD is a group of companies united by the common goal of developing and implementing their own professional security solutions at sites of any complexity. The group structure includes companies:

  • NPP "Bevard" - a developer and manufacturer of equipment for video surveillance systems. To date, the company has gained a reputation as a reliable partner in the supply of equipment for video surveillance systems among installation companies and trading companies.
  • Beard Engineering LLC is a system integrator in the field of integrated solutions for video surveillance systems and other security systems. The accumulated experience allows you to create solutions and software and hardware systems that best meet the modern safety requirements at the city / enterprise level.
  • Kamdrive LLC is a cloud-based video surveillance service for the Internet, targeted at home users, small and medium businesses. This is a professional solution that does not require software installation and additional support and maintenance costs.

Company's mission:

Ensuring consumer safety through the creation of reliable and high-quality equipment.

Beard in the security market:

BEWARD is a Russian manufacturer of professional video surveillance equipment suitable and used in systems, including those solving safety problems.

BEWARD deliberately excludes from its range IP-surveillance products of a lower price range, widely represented on the market by various online stores, suitable only for entertainment and private home use in solving problems that are not critical to the reliability and stability of equipment. BEWARD is a company with 100% Russian capital, the whole range of which is aimed at import substitution with efficient domestic equipment adapted to Russian conditions of operation. BEWARD outdoor cameras have been tested in harsh climatic conditions in the north for many years.

The BEWARD company employs highly qualified specialists in the field of IP video surveillance: technical support and technical advice are always available to customers .

BEWARD is a manufacturer with a flexible production line, which makes it possible to quickly and efficiently adapt the IP solutions offered by our company to the specific needs of the customer.

BEWARD is a developer of professional software and web applications for managing video surveillance systems. The free software solution that comes bundled with BEWARD video equipment is an effective tool for building a reliable security system at the facility and performing the whole range of security surveillance tasks.

The company conducted a special assessment of working conditions. The results of the assessment of the Krasnoyarsk and Moscow branches. 

BEWARD company has passed the test and received a certificate of conformity ISO 9001: 2008 . This is an official confirmation that the company's quality management system in relation to the development, production, warranty service of video surveillance systems, the development of software for video surveillance systems and the wholesale supply of equipment meets the requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001: 2008).

We are obliged:

  • Constantly improve the quality of products, ensure their reliability at the highest level of world analogues
  • organize the technical service of products to ensure its reliable operation during the entire lifetime

We fulfill our goals and commitments by:

  • developing competitive and reliable products that meet consumer expectations
  • the use of modern materials and components of high quality manufactured by world leading companies
  • hard multistage process of “running in” of all manufactured equipment before being issued to the customer
  • attracting highly qualified specialists, constantly improving their professional level
  • strict compliance with and compliance with the requirements for quality control of services defined by international standards ISO
  • organizing cooperation with component suppliers and end users to improve quality based on data analysis and continuous improvement

Technical features of BEWARD IP systems:

Security systems (including complex ones) built on the basis of BEWARD B1000 – series equipment require bandwidth of video data transmission channels by 20–30% lower than standard systems, which allows transmitting video of excellent quality in networks with low bandwidth (including wireless) and as simple as possible to integrate BEWARD equipment into existing local networks of enterprises. In addition, BEWARD IP video surveillance systems provide image quality by 20-30% higher than the generally accepted standards in this area, and use 30% less disk space for storing video data.

The main features of the equipment BEWARD:

  • Equipment BEWARD - equipment for professional video surveillance systems
  • The model range is based on the requirements of the Russian market.
  • We offer today what competitors will offer tomorrow.
  • We do not pursue "special effects" for the sake of momentary gain: the 
    claimed parameters are really tested and work
  • Ability to adapt software for specific project requirements
  • BEWARD equipment is integrated into software of leading manufacturers
  • Low reject rate: less than 1% (hard running in equipment before handing it out to customer)

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深圳东翔跨境电商物流&Jason 刘木荣 - 我是专注亚马逊欧美日澳市场专线渠道,空运、海运,海卡DDP一站式服务。我们运价时效稳定安全,美国3-4工作日提取,英国3-5工作日提取等等,新推出海卡专线,价格实惠,时效稳定 -欧洲海卡-美国海卡-日本海卡!我们发货速度快且价格低廉稳定安全,旺季的到来为了不排仓和断货及给公司带来损失记得发货哟,时效,清关,服务都是我们的优势。有意向可咨询电话/微信:18322969675 ,此时留言给你带来不便还请理解!

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