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TANG Jones
TANG Jones

TANG Jones


The first Dangerous goods logistics import and export transportation enterprise in South China area:

Engaged in chemical goods import and export business services, for China's pharmaceutical, chemical export enterprises to provide dangerous goods international air transport, maritime services.
    3 class, 4.1 class, 5.1 class, 6 class, 8 class,pharmaceutical raw materials, chemical raw materials (dangerous goods)

Calcium Hypochlorite     CAS:7778-54-3
Ammonium Perchlorate   CAS:7790-98-9
Hydrazine Hydrate           CAS:7803-57-8
Nitroetan                       CAS:79-24-3
2,2'-Azobis(2-methylpropionitrile)     CAS:78-67-1

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Company Introduction

中国化学危险品物流运输企业:提供危品国际空/海运/快递、进出口报关、仓储、运输等服务 。

China Chemical Dangerous goods Logistics and transportation enterprises: to provide dangerous goods international air/SEA/Express, import and export declarations, warehousing, transportation and other services.


Specializing in the handling of pharmaceutical/chemical dangerous goods, providing DG packaging real goods name declaration and export, (no need to provide DG certificate from the shipper, DGM identification)
(Can provide the original name of the declaration of the name of the product export channel (mainly for foreign consignees have difficulty in customs clearance of the original goods name) can also provide the original name of the goods without the commodity inspection for the name of the goods (can be declared after the goods are replaced by the real name of the goods)
24H: 13902210892  Jones
QQ: 2853153607 (inquiry)

Choose Z&H let you rest assured that save worry, Shenzhen Z&H International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. All staff look forward to working with you to create brilliant.

公司地址/Company Address:

广东省深圳市宝安区沙井镇 (后亭街道) 第二工业区D栋
Shenzhen Baoan District, Guangdong Province, Shajing Town (back Pavilion Street), the second industrial zone D building。

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