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Alina Kasinec
Alina Kasinec

Alina Kasinec

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Company Introduction

AMC OVERSEAS FZE is a global trading and investment company having presence inUkraine,Russiaand CIS  for 15 years.

Ukraineis rich in natural resources, and has a developed economy with significant agricultural and industrial sectors. The vast fields of wheat, barley, rye, oats, sunflower, rapeseeds and other grain and oil crops have long madeUkrainea “breadbasket.”

Ukraineexports substantial amounts of grains, vegetables, sugar, sunflower oil, milk powder, meat, fruits, berries and grapes. There is still enormous potential for further development of the country’s agricultural land, andUkraineis poised to become a global player in food production.

From the very beginning of AMC, we have tried to locate the competitive edge of the Ukrainian food industries and supported them to integrate to the world economy.

Thanks to the unique geographical location ofUkrainein the very centre of Europe,Ukraineis a very attractive investment destination.

AMC has proved to be a reliable partner in conditions of tough market - first of all, due to profound knowledge in the field of marketing, professionalism and constructive approach to clients' requirements – providing timeliness of deliveries and high quality of the products supplied, by considerable quantities and competitive price policy.

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