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Zoe Tang

Zoe Tang


Dongguan RenQi Electrical Technology co., LTD, is professionally committed to the household intelligent sterilization technology products’ research and development. After years of hard work, it pioneered "Towel Butler"’s first-generation product: Smart Towel Sterilization Rack. And it applied for and obtained a number of invent and utility model patents. Besides, it has got a number of domestic and international certificates, such as CQC, CE, RoHS and so on . Towel Butler’s products combine energy-saving, environmental friendly, health and fashion design elements together, fully meeting the requirements of the modern social life. Towel Butler, overturning the traditional ideas to create a new industry and the innovation of new products, has become the technological leader of modern family’s intelligent sterilization. In future, Towel Butler will create new products continuously, aiming to be the escort of your health.  

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Dongguan RenQi Electrical Technology Co., LTD, is professionally committed to the household intelligent sterilization technology products' research and development. After years of hard work, it pioneered "Towel Butler"'s first-generation product: Smart Towel Sterilization Rack. And it applied for and obtained a number of invent and utility model patents. Besides, it has got a number of domestic and international certificates, such as CQC, CE, RoHS and so on . Towel Butler's products combine energy-saving, environmental-friendly, health and fashion design elements together, fully meeting the requirements of the modern social life. Towel Butler, overturning the traditional ideas to create a new industry and the innovation of new products, has become the technological leader of modern family's intelligent sterilization. In future, Towel Butler will create new products continuously, aiming to be the escort of your health.  

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