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Susan Cai
Susan Cai

Susan Cai

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 Sales Manager Of 911Signal Technology Inc.

Company Introduction

911Signal is a dynamic and highly professional supplier of electronic lighting and signal products for emergency, safety, maintenance, utility, and public transportation vehicles.  We are well on our way to reaching our goal of becoming the industry’s number one provider.  In and of itself, this is a by-product of doing our part to help our customers to both become and stay number one in their own endeavors. 

Our vision:  make 911Signal the top warning system brand
Our mission:  make life more secure by empowering public servants

Our valued partners include such well-known names as Phillips, Texas Instruments, CREE, LED Engin, Fairchild Semiconductor, Everlight, Microchip, MAXIM, AVNET, Linear Technology and National Semiconductor, among many others.  They collaborate with us for a number of reasons, including four in particular that set us apart from the competition.  We are:

Engineering, quality, and end-user driven from the CEO down through the entire organization.  
Founder Jack Yu is passionate, driven, strict, reasonable ... and himself an electrical engineer.  From our company’s beginning he has remained actively hands-on in Research and Development,  manufacturing, and quality-control.  He insists on consistent upgrading to the latest, high-tech CNC, injection molding and testing equipment available and an ever-increasing percentage of automation in use at our 100-plus-man factory.  
911Signal’s numerous certificates (including TS16949), full compliance with the CE, SAE, E-MARK, and testing according to the ECE R65 R10 R48 (Europe) and SAEJ595 J845 (USA) standards provide powerful testament to our strong quality assurance and reliability commitments.  Production is tested and inspected prior to placement in inventory, including random environmental simulation by EQ engineers.  By this measure, we truly stand out among our peers, amidst industry-wide quality and consistency concerns. 
What’s more, our design partners in Europe (especially The Netherlands), North America and elsewhere not only work with us hand-in-hand but also undertake independent market research on our behalf, including direct surveys - making us highly responsive actual end-user wants and needs.  Together we have produced more than 100 unique designs and garnered no less than 169 patents for products that are portable, durable, unique, and environmentally friendly. 

Infused with a “continuous improvement” mentality.  
Jack has created and continuously fosters a company culture immersed in a continuous innovation and continuous improvement mentality.  We are constantly developing our team members, adding new talents to our team, and strengthening the systems and processes those team members work within.  
Currently, each and every corporate mid-level manager has been with the company for a minimum of eight years.  This speaks to experience and consistency, but is also indicative of our exceptionally low employee turnover - only achieved with a happy, healthy, productive, and mutually-reinforcing staff. 

Serious as regards the establishment and development of business relationships that truly are mutually-beneficial.  
Jack’s wife, Susan Cai, heads the firm’s Sales Department and personally assures adherence to strict client collaboration policies that are clear, responsible, efficient, straight-forward, and highly effective.  When we tell you the lead time, order status, or delivery time for example, you can be rest assured that the answer you receive is accurate, complete, and realistic.
Standard lead time for stocked items is seven calendar days from order to shipment.  What’s more, for further convenience and better service we have established agents in the US, Britain, Sweden, France, Norway, Denmark, Australia and elsewhere.

Driven by ethics, not just ambition.  
Striving to provide end-users with the best economic and functional purchasing value means to do good for society.  We do this by helping our clients to be their best, through a well-developed and well cared-for workforce.    

Our motto:  “Create value for clients, create value for society”

We look forward to your inquiry as yet another opportunity to convert a potential customer into a long-term, well-pleased client, and await your call.  Welcome!

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