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Dalian Canyo New Material Co., Ltd.

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wang sir


About Canyo

Dalian Canyo New Material Co., Ltd. is founded as the form of joint venture by Ningxia Dayuan Chemical Co.,Ltd which was originally set up in June 1999 and soon went public on Shanghai Stock Exchange(Stock Code: 600146). We are an expert of China manufacturing and marketing the best quality interior PVC door. In the year of 2001, we imported the 9 most advanced automatic compounding systems, high-speed profile extrusion lines, and door & window assembly lines from Germany & Italy. Capable of maintaining a 12,000 ton capacity per year while assembling 300,000 highly qualified PVC interior doors, which all obtained the ISO9001 Certification. CANYO concentrated on cooperating with several professional companies in PVC processing technology and developing a set of doors, windows, skirting board, windowsill board, decorative profile and some relative PVC building material products, forming a series of “Canyo” products which are safe, environmental, healthy and practical.

As we are the largest PVC foam door manufactory in China, Canyo proceeded to guide customers and cultivate the potential markets. Now CANYO has built up comprehensive distributing network in potential areas which not only includes eight regional sales center in domestic market but also Europe, South-east Asia and Latin America market for aiming to provide safety, eco-friendly, no formaldehyde releasing PVC building material to our customers.

Dalian Canyo New Material Co., Ltd. is dedicated to provide:

       Best Equipment and Management
 Almost all of its equipment and tool are imported from Italy ( Friul Filiere Extruder and thermal printing machine ).CANYO guarantees high quality production and management systems based on the newest international standards and technology. 

       Highest Quality Products
Canyo interior PVC door is made from PVC resin as its raw material together with a certain percentage of auxiliary materials, such as stabilizer, foaming agent and modifier etc. Moreover, the compounding system is completely automatic. The purchasing of raw materials, and the manufacturing packing and inspection of each product have a strict process control system. Formulation includes a joint preparation by Chinese and German experts, and most of the raw materials are imported, which guarantees that the physical and mechanical properties of the CANYO profiles surpass all current standards.

       Most Experienced Employees
  Dedicated and trained employees form CANYO experienced team, which includes professional management system, financial system, marketing and sales system and leading R&D team. In order to maintain competitive market position and grow substantially in the future, CANYO is committed to attract talented people, admire team-work spirit and offer full set of remuneration, training and self-development system.

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wang sir
wang sir


  • Reviewed Aug 11, 2017

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Company Name: Dalian Canyo New Material Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Mike Luo - Send Message
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Business Type: Manufacturer
Year Established: 2001
Number Of Employees: 500 - 2000

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