Anesthesia information management system output port
Owned power supply to support the work of the anesthesia machine for more than two hours

Anesthesia machine host:

Adopt 8" color TFT screen display
Double-ended differential pressure flow sensor, machine control and manually can both work to tidal volume, respiratory rate, airway pressure, pressure wave, the flow velocity waveform (bidirectional), the pressure up and lower limit, suffocation
Breathing ring function
Can be closed, semi-closed, semi-open inhalation anesthesia
Scope: Adults, children
Low gas alarm source: When oxygen gas source pressure is too low, audible alarm more than seven seconds,
High-pressure limit: When airway pressure exceeds the upper limit set value, the ventilator automatically limited to stop the airway pressure continue, to ensure patient safety
Low-voltage protection: When the oxygen pressure is lower than 0.1MPa, the nitrous oxide pathway automatically cut off
Failure alarm, power failure continuation function
Rapid oxygen supply: 35 ~75L/min
Air source pressure: Oxygen: 0.27 ~ 0.55MPa
Nitrous oxide: 0.27 ~ 0.55MPa
Power supply: 220V ± 10%, 50Hz ± 1%

Oxygen, nitrous oxide, four tube flowmeter (0 ~ 10L/min)
Oxygen / nitrous oxide linkage to ensure that the oxygen concentration of not less than 25%

Anesthesia ventilator:

With adult bellows
Pneumatic electrical control
Detection parameters: Tidal volume, respiratory rate, respiratory ratio, peak airway pressure, airway pressure waveform
Operating modes: Manual, automatic
Breathing mode: IPPV, SIGH, SIMV/f/2, SIPPV
Tidal volume: 0 to 1500mL
Respiratory rate: 4 ~ 60bpm
Respiratory ratio: 1: 0.5 ~ 1: 4 adjustable
Synchronous trigger pressure: -1 to 0KPa
Upper pressure limit: 2 ~ 6 KPa
Lower pressure limit: 0.6 to 2 KPa

Loop part:

Integrated design, integrated breathing circuit

High-precision single evaporator configuration, enflurane or isoflurane
Concentration adjustment range: 0.5 ~ 5% VOL
Evaporator flow, pressure, and automatic temperature compensation function
Self-locking feature
Capacity: 180mL


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 1 Pieces
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union

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