Thermostatic anti-scald faucet built-in intelligent temperature sensing element, the class needed to set their own mixed water temperature, intelligent sensing element produced by mixing water temperature automatic action, without outside power can automatically adjust the proportion of hot and cold water inlet to achieve the water temperature constant. Domestic hot water system installed in the thermostatic anti-scald mixing hot water faucet can be comfortable and conserve energy use, and avoid hot water burns

Working Temperature 0~90° C /25~90° C

Working Pressure 0.05~1MPa /0.01~0.1MPa.

1. Automatic temperature:

Thermostatic anti-scald mixing faucet in the hand wheel on the temperature, a temperature identification, according to user needs from an arbitrary set 20 ° C -50 ° C, the water temperature constant automatically, re-use without re-thermostat, turn on the switch on a constant water temperature in your before setting the temperature, the error does not exceed 2 ° C.

2. Safety anti-scald:

Thermostatic anti-scald mixing faucet with temperature control hand wheel on the safety button to prevent the error operation burns; Also have the process in the bath, when cold water suddenly interrupted, the first 5 seconds of the water < 200ml, maximum water temperature should be ≤ 49 ° C. Restore the supply of cold water, mixed water temperature is 38 ° C.

3. Energy saving:

Reduce the debugging process in the bath water links, water can be 15-30%.

4. Constant temperature:

In the bathing process, often with other users of a water system in use, such as the kitchen faucet was open water, temperature changes will appear when you re-adjusted the water temperature, water and off the kitchen, the temperature has changed, you want to debug again, the use of thermostatic anti-scald mixing faucet these problems solved.

5. Comfortable and healthy:

End of the hot and cold, to keep water temperature constant, comfortable and healthy to enjoy the bath life.


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