Detailed Product Description
Standard accessories:
1.General base
2.uction muffler
3.fety valve, check valve
20.ressure gauge, Lubricating oil

Roots vacuum pump (referred to as the Roots pump) is a rotary positive displacement pumps.  It is evolved from the Roots blower.  Roots vacuum pump according to the different scope of work, is divided into the lower atmosphere vertical Roots vacuum pump; the Roots vacuum pump (also known as mechanical booster pumps) and high vacuum multi-stage Roots pumps.

 In general, the Roots pump has the following characteristics:

1. a wide range of pressure have a greater pumping speed;

2. start fast, immediate work;

3. being pumped gas containing dust and water vapor is not sensitive;

4. rotor without lubrication, oil-free pump chamber;

5. vibration, rotor balancing is better, no exhaust valve;

6. drive power is small, mechanical friction loss;

7. compact, small footprint;

8. operation and maintenance costs low.


Therefore, the Roots pump in the metallurgical, petrochemical, paper, food, electronic industry has been widely used.

1. Using advanced spiral back into the exhaust port and within the technique, the body effectively delayed the return of high pressure shock body, so fans, the noise is significantly lower.

2. Rotor the use of advanced composite curve and improve the efficiency of the blower.

3. Sealing structure is reasonable, oil and gas can not enter the device and therefore, the output air is clean, free of grease.

4. High precision, hardened gears, so that further increase machine life and reduce noise.

5. Rotor, cases, wall panels and other key components, to achieve the digital processing, improved product quality and production efficiency.

Standard accessories:

1.General base

2.uction muffler

3.fety valve, check valve

4.ressure gauge, Lubricating oil


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Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union

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