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Nitrogen can be used as a carrier gas for in-line and in-tank sparging to strip out volatile contaminants and improve efficiency

1) Capacity: 1 - 5000Nm3/h
2) Purity: 90 - 99.9995%
3) Outlet Pressure: 0.05 - 1.0MPa
4) Dew Point: - 50 Degree Celsius


PSA nitrogen generator uses carbon molecular sieve as sorbent, produces nitrogen by making use of the PSA principle. Under certain pressure, carbon molecular sieve has different oxygen/nitrogen adsorption capacity, i.e. much more oxygen adsorption capacity than nitrogen adsorption capacity.PLC controls pneumatic valve on/off to realize two towers alternate adsorption and desorption as per pressure change, carries out oxygen/nitrogen separation and produces nitrogen with desired purity.


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