1) Material :PP(polypropylene)
2) Size:301*301*13mm
3) Color:any color for your requirement
4) The capability:20000SQM/Month

1 Material: Polypropylene(PP)

2 Regulation: Suspend interlocking flooring (DK-A) 301*301*13(mm)         

3 Around Ground: We will use the professional edge as skirting line with round transition which is both beauty and protecting the athletics.

4 Single Structure: Birds nest-flower grating (DK-A)

5 Assembly: the floorboard is connected with pin-hole. The worker should knock the connection slot by using rubber hammer.

6 Typical Feature:
 1) Longevity: We seriously promise that our products can be used at least 10 years.

 2) Good Adaptability: Our products can be used in inside-outside tennis court,basketball court,handball court,badminiton court,table tennis,hockey court etc.

 3) Environmental-Protection: The material of PP belongs to the field regarding food material which is the products non-toxic,tasteless and anti-mildew.

 4) Cushioning&High Elastic Behavior: Most of the cross-section are bow-word shape which increases the cushion ability and decreases the hurt to athletes accordingly ,the rebound force can be up to 96%.

 5) Any kinds of colors for the customers request.

7 Paint by Lineation: we use the professional paint for material of PP which assure that the signal line and flooring could combine with each other firmly.

8 Basic Request For Flooring: The basis should be firm and flat.

The Maintenance Of Floorboard

1 Please dont wear the nail-shoe or high-heel shoe in order to protect athletes.

2 Please dont use hard tool with sharp tip knocking at the flooring vigorously in order to protect the floorboard.

3 Please dont pour the corrosive liquids such as sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid etc, onto flooing to avoid corrode the floorboard.

4 Please clean the snow timely after snowing in order to prolong the life of usage.

5 Please wash the flooring frequently to keep it clean.


FOB Price:
Minimum Order:
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

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