1) CE & ISO 9001 certificates
2) reverse osmosis system
3) produce type 3 & type 1 water
4) nice design & high efficiency
Application: glassware rinsing, buffer preparation, media preparation, tissue culture, cell culture, HPLC, ion chromatography, molecular liology, atomic absorption/ ICP emission spectroscopy, mass analysis, TOC analysis.
laboratory chemicals, reverse osmosis system
Feature & Function:

1. Automatic water production and stop when the tank is full of pure water, online display of working status.

2. Self inspection and protection while system is booting up, automatic protection when it’s lack of water or power off, reposition when power off.

3. The supplying pipeline of pure water can be designed and installed according to customer’s requirements.

4. System has no heat, no noise and low power while working, adjustable parameters make the equipment is suitable for different kinds of source water.

5. Real-time online monitoring for water quality and temperature, real-time online display on LCD true color screen.

6. Original imported UF element guarantees high effective elimination of pyrogen and flow rate of water obtaining.

7. UV accessories with long lifetime and built-in six circulations guarantees high effective elimination of TOC in output water.

8. Automatic or manual flushing for system can extend lifetime of consumables and reduce the cost.

9. System has upgrading function for water quality and volume.

10. Optional RS232 connection can record the historical water quality.

11. The system has function of water obtaining at fixed flow, fixed time and fixed quality. 

Technical Specifications:



Feed Water

tap Water, river water, lake water, well water

Flow rate of RO water production

40L / Hr.

Flow rate of dispense RO water


Output Water Specification

type 3 water

Flow rate of dispense: ≥ 2 L/min

Resistivity ≥ 0.2 MΩ.cm@25°C

Rejection of microbe ≥99%

Rejection of organism (molecular weight>100 Dalton) ≥99%

Rejection of inorganic ion ≥96%

Water Recovery ≥35%

Rejection of particle ≥99%

Online monitor and display of pure water conductivity.

real-time recording and statistics of running time of RO membrane.

type 1 water

Resistivity: 18.25MΩ.cm at 25°C

Absorbency ≤0.001(254nm,1cm optical path)

Soluble Silicon(sio2)≤ 0.01mg/L

TOC< 10 ppb


Bacteria <1 cfu/ml

Manual and automatic recirculation.

Terminal Filter: 0.22um

Online monitor and display of resistivity of ultrapure water.

Real-time recording and statistics of running time of purification pack


220V/50Hz   50-300W

Product Dimension

500 × 560 × 1000 mm

Optional Function:

1. Stronger pre-treatment filter  (if feed water contains sand, rust, algae and other impurities)

2. Real-time and online monitor of quality of feed water, grade 2 water and grade 3 water and temperature of output water.

3. R232 connector to record historical water quality.

4. Deep treatment part is suggested if content of total dissolved solid in feed source water is more than 200ppm.

5. Customer can choose external pure water tank with capacity 10L/20L/40/80L/120L/250L, or bigger as per application requirement.


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 1 Set/Sets greater quantity, more discount
Port: China Main Port
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union

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