1. Water purification system for medical disinfector
2. High performance, reasonble price
3. CE and ISO 9001

This water purification system is directly connected with tap water, and can supply pure water to many sets of washer devices and disinfector devices in hospital. This system has advantages of energy conservation, high efficiency and easy operation. It adopts the imported PLC automatic controller, and the real-time flash control on touch screen.

Function and Feature:

1. Control function: micro PC controller, flash flow-chart, online monitor and display of working status of each part of treatment.

2. Capacity, pressure, feed water quality and output water quality are all online monitored and displayed. This is good for monitor and dialysis of working status of equipment.

3. The equipment has automatic protection and alarm function, including automatic inspection when starting up, alarm for protection when lack of feed water, automatic reposition after power off, automatic shut down and protection when abnormal power pressure, etc. The hole system is linkable, if part of system has problem the whole system will be shut down for protection.

4. RO unit is designed with anti-scale program. System flush surface of RO membrane at fixed time in order to protect RO membrane and guarantee high effeciency.

5. Automatic control on water level of all water tanks in the system: raw water tank, middle water tank and purified water tank is linkable, and protect pump to be not damaged because of idle running.

6. Online monitor of water quality, and circulatively treat bad water.

7. User can input or adjust parameters in system, to meet special automatic working requirements.

 Technical Specification:

Feed Water: tap water

Feed Water Temperature: 5-40°c

Output water: Purified water, ultra purified water (according to customers' demand)

Power: 380V

Working Way: automatic working, constant production, automatic protection

External Appearance: integrative


Production Capacity










Main Configuration:
Booster Pump, Multi-medium Filter, Active Carbon Filter, Softening Element, Cartridge Filter, Reverse Osmosis Element, Pure Water Tank (automatic water level control), Imported Chip Controller, Touch-screen Device.


FOB Price: FOB USD 5180~7180 / Set
Minimum Order: 1 Set/Sets
Port: China Port
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union

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