electric tribike battery 48 20Ah
Application: electric bicycle, electric scooter, golf car,e-tricycle,.go-cart,utility vehicl

48V 20Ah LiFePO4 battery pack

2000 times cycle life

Standard capacity0.2C5A 20Ah
Rated voltage 48V
Max.Charge voltage 54.75V
Cut-off voltage 34.5V
Max.Charge current 1C5A
Max. constant discharge current 1 C5A

CV(54.75V) Cut off current 0.05C
CC(1C) Cut off Voltage 54.75V
Charge method
CV(54.75V) Cut off current 0.05C
Charge 0∼45
discharge -20∼60
torage -20∼45

The advantages of large format Li-ion batteries containing lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) are listed as below:

1. Fast charging:

2. Large overcharge tolerance and safer performance 

3. Self balance

4. Simplifying battery management system (BMS) and battery charger

5. Longer cycle life      

   In comparison with LiCoO2 battery which has a cycle life of 400 cycles, LiFePO4 battery extends its cycle life up to 2000 cycles.

6. High temperature performance

It is detrimental to have a LiCoO2 battery working at elevated temperature, such as 60C. However, a LiFePO4 battery runs better at elevated temperature, offering 10% more capacity, due to higher lithium ionic conductivity.


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