These series sterilizers are a kind of fully automatic instant steam autoclave sterilizer,we are the manufacturer, OEM provided.
These series autoclave sterilizer are a kind of automatic instant sterilization equipment which adopts steam as sterilization medium. They are suitable for sterilization of operation instruments, dressing, glassware, culture medium and so on.

Technology advantage of the autoclave sterilizer:

1.      Microcomputer control system is adopted, the system is powerful and reliable;

2.      Fully automatic heating and sterilization.

3.      Touch key, programs selectable LED pilot light, easy operation;

4.      LED real-time displays status, temperature, pressure and time.

5.      Preset 3 non-liquid sterilization programs and one liquid sterilization program, two of them can be defined by the user.

6.      High penetration ensure the high steam penetrate into the load quickly, so as to ensure sterilization thoroughly.

7.      Perfect fault check system and display the fault information;

8.      The beep will sound once the sterilization cycle complete.

Safety feature of the autoclave sterilizer

Heater protect: the system will cut off its power supply once the temperature exceed the preset one, and show the alert information.

Anti-dry heating: the system will cut off its power supply once the water level is lower than the heating pipe, and show the alarm information.

Safety interlocking door: electronic lock to ensure the sterilizer can begin to work only if the door is closed properly. The door cant be opened when the chamber is pressurized, or the power supply is not connected.

Over-temperature and over-pressure protect: When the inner temperature or pressure exceed the limit, the system will start up procedures to lower temperature and release pressure.

Automatic release safety valve: When the chamber inside pressure exceeds preset value, the safety valve will release pressure automatically.

Electricity protect: Designed protect function in case of short circuit and leakage current.

Main parameter of the autoclave sterilizer:

Design pressure: 0.26MP a

Design temperature: 150oC

Max. working pressure:0.22MPa

Max. working temperature: 136oC

Sterilization temperature: 121-134oC

Sterilization period: 0--99min

Temperature accuracy:+2/0oC

Temperature homogeneity in the chamber: ≤±0.5oC

Chamber size: Φ316×635mm

Chamber Volume: 50 liters

Power: 220V  50Hz  2Kw

External dimension: 576×500×900mmL×W×H

Water supply: distilled water or purified water

Material of chamber and door: SUS304 stainless steel

Accessories: 2 of stainless steel basket


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 1 Set/Sets
Port: Qingdao/Shanghai
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

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