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Snack & cold drink and coffee vending machine (LV-X01)

Specification- snack/cold drinks vending part (1)

Standard interface: MDB

Snack: {85-145}*{20-50}*{100-160} mm (W*D*H)

Beverage: can-diameter 65mm; bottle-diameter 50-68, height 200-240mm                      

6*10*5=300; 60 Selections

10 cargo road, 6 tray, 5 quantities for each selection;

Refrigeration: R134a, 3 °C - 12 °C (adjustable)

Mode of payment: No

Bill acceptor & Coin acceptor and coin changer optional

Powder consumption: AC220V/50Hz Maximum

                         Standby: 600W/40W

Size of delivery box: 440*220*280mm (W*D*H)

The distance between trays and the front glass: 205 mm

Size of machine: 1400*850*1830mm (W*D*H)

G.W/N.W: 315kgs/295kgs


Specification- hot/cold coffee vending part (2)

Water supplying:  supplied from base cabinet

Advertisement system: 17 inch LCD screen  (2 G storage)

No. of canisters:  4 (2kgs each canister)

Suitable materials:   any instant powders (such as coffee, chocolate, milk and sugar)

Choice of drinks :  6 hot and 6 cold premixed drinks

Volume of water tanks:  8L reservoir + 1.6L hot water + 1.6L chilled water

Paper cup dispenser: equipped (150pcs of 6.5 or 9 OZ)

Cup counting function:  equipped

Inquiry function:  Record the volume for each kind of beverage sold.



1. Abundance Commodity----120 pieces of snacks; 180 pieces of drinks.

Flexible Vendible items for can/bottle/box/snack/candy with various sizes. The beverage and food sales are adjustable.

2. Single or Double Spring Available and Flexible Trays

3. Humanized Design----- 5.1 inch LCD Display with size 114*64mm (L*W)

 Large-screen LCD display with scrolling message

4. Cost saving and Safety
To make Snack/cold drink vending part (1) and Hot/cold coffee vending part (2) share a set of payment system together; The use of explosion-proof tempered glass, steel cabinets and multiple anti-theft designs, to ensure the security of the commodity, currency and equipment


5. PTC heating device and GPRS monitoring system optional


6. Fault Diagnosis
The Combination Vending machines can diagnose itself automatically. And the diagnosis results will be delivered promptly to the operator. This facilitates day-to-day maintenance.

7. Monetary payment system
Control system for the application of international standards MDB interface which facilitate access in line with the MDB standard with coin/bill acceptor/IC card and other payment module, effectively expanding the scope of the payment module.



(LE vending- One of the biggest vending machine companies in China, Your source for vending machine equipment and services;)

  • Warranty- 1 year on all moving parts and 5 years pro rated on compressor;
  • Service- Factory Service Dept 86- 0571- 88745178; or service tech's available: 86-150- 8861-9220.
  • Training- China factory available


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 5 Unit/Units
Port: Shanghai/Ningbo
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union

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