Backup Battery Pack for iPhone
This product is designed for iPhone, portable back-up battery pack, lightweight, practical,

Backup Battery Pack for iPhone

This product is designed for iPhone, portable back-up battery pack, lightweight, practical, safe and convenient.
For iPhone 4G mobile phones.
Built-in high-capacity lithium battery, can effectively extend the for iPhone usage time.
With overheating and short circuit protection, the use of more security.
With simple brackets function.
With 1 pc USB adapter cable.
Charging the battery pack to be 3-4 hours.

Charging the battery pack to be 3-4 hours.

User Manual:
1. Just use the battery pack into the for iPhone console, the charge switch to ON, then the power light will light red, that has started charging the phone, charging switch OFF the end of the charging, the power indicator lights go out.
2. Available supporting USB cable to connect the battery pack to the USB Interface of PC device, the battery pack will automatically detect the battery charge,At this time the power indicator light red, such as low battery charge is started, Power indicator light flashes and blue, when the charge saturated (or to switch to the OFF side) to stop charging the battery pack, power light into blue light.
3. With the USB cable connecting the battery pack to the PC and iPhone for charging, then charging switch to any position does not affect the charging process,Charging process can also be between the console and PC data transfer. When the iPhone console charge saturation, if the switch to ON side, it is automatically converted to recharge the battery pack.
4. You can also use the USB cable supporting the battery pack to the original for iPhone AC adapter for charging.
5. The battery pack on the back of the stand down, place the battery pack shown, can be placed in any horizontal plane.

1. This product is only used as an emergency charger,for iPhone, recommended the use of low-battery indicator.Please do not use the product side switch to OFF to save battery power pack.
2. Charge for the console, please be the console access to the battery pack and then switch to ON, or they may not test console.
3. Charging, the battery pack will begin to heat, this is normal, for the prevention of overheating, ventilation and shade in the battery pack charged.
4. Please use the matching USB adapter cable to connect PC devices or charging the battery pack for the original AC adapter.
5. Please do not attempt to disassemble, throwing, smashing, or cut with a sharp object, designated battery pack.
6. Keep the battery pack away from heat, fire place, and avoid direct sunlight.
7. Please do not place the battery pack stored in damp or into the water.


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