1.class B Tattoo autoclave sterilizer
2.Full automatic
3.Digital display

class B Tattoo autoclave sterilizer (automatic), European standard EN13060 , 8liter


Model No: STE-8L-A class B

Application Area:Dental Clinics, Human Hospitals, Laboratory, Veterinary, Beauty Salon, Tattoo...


.Class B autoclave.It works according to the three times fractionated pre-vacuum method with a effective vacuum pump.
.High precision control system for more profect sterilization.
Digital display.
.A built-in independent steam generator, making the sterilization fast and completely.
.Most of the main parts for TINGET autoclaves are imported from global famous company. Such as the "ULVAC" vacuum pumps from Japan, make the autoclaves working very noiseless , stable and long life.
.Sterilization temperature: 121.C/1.1bar, 134.C/2.1bar.
.Great drying effect by vacuum.
.Open-type water storage tank which is very easy for filling and cleaning.
.Automatic water filling and draining.
.Door protection locking system prevents the cycle from starting unless the door is properly locked, and also prevents the door from openning if there have pressuer in the chamber.
.Pressure safety valves prevent over pressurizeation in chamber and generator.
.A safety fuses prevent over heating in the chamber and generator.
.Able to detect and identify the exact cause of any problem by warning and showing a specific error code.
.Water level switch in the water tank, controlling the max and min water level.

.Have printer port, able to be connected TINGET printer to print the sterilization records for each cycle.


2 programs.

Temperature(°c)Pressure(bar)Sterilization Time(Min)Total Time(Min)


Tehnical Data:

Chamber Volume: 8 Liter

Chamber Size: Ø170*320mm

Power: 950W



FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 1 Piece/Pieces
Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union

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