1.100% natural herb
2.loose weight and care skin
3.GMP workshop
4. no side effect
5. top quality and low price


major features:

1. Pure natural herb: Chinese Angelica, Prepared Rhubarb, Hawthorn Fruit, Tuckahoe, Salvia 

Miltiorrhiza, Cassia Seed, Spina Date Seed, Houttuyniae Herba, Chrysanthemum, Black tea and 

other natural substances

2. Scientific composition: The precious herb will not only loss weight, but also help eliminate toxin 

from your body and care your skin

3. Magic effect:s: Lose weight in a smooth and health way with no side effect

4. Easy to use: As convenient as drinking tea, losing weight in a relaxing way

5.Proper flavor: With no bitter taste of traditional Chinese herb and a fragrant flavor of tea, it is

 proper for daily drinking


function of the main ingredient:


"Dayehai slimming tea" is made of pure natural herbs scientifically, which can help you loss weight smoothly and safely. While using, the precious natural herbs will not only nourish your body, but also detoxify the body, take care of the skin and add a healthy pink glow.


Chinese Angelica

Enrich the blood, promote circulation of blood, inhibit fat deposition, lower 

cholesterol level

Prepared Rhubarb

Lower cholesterol level and triglyceride, cholagogue and stimulate digestion, 


delay the process of aging



Strength the spleen and stomach mildly


Hawthorn Fruit

Promote digestion, lower lipid, inhibit cholesterol synthesis


Salvia miltiorrhiza

nourish the blood, enrich the blood, invigorate the blood circulation


Cassia Seed

clear liver and improve eyesight, relax bowl, lower serum cholesterol and 



Spina Date Seed

tranquilize by nourishing the heart


Houttuyniae Herba

clear heat and detoxify, increase the organic immune function



Dispel wind and reduce heat, suppress hyperactive liver, clear heat and detox, 

improve eyesight


Black tea

relieve thirsty, clear heat and detoxify, lower blood fat and blood pressure, 

nourish liver and improve eyesight, eliminate fatigue


magic effects:


6 days later, you'll feel relaxed a lot!


Effect has appeared! Improve metabolism and promote the breakdown of fat in a fast way. Generally, after a six-day usage, your body will feel relaxed a lot, especially the belly part, It seems that the flab almost has gone!


18 days later, a large part of the flab around your waist has been burnt off !

The love handles has been breaking down day by day, body weight has been reduced apparently!


30days later, miracle appears!


more than half of the fat has been breaking down, at this stage, you'll feel your weight has lost so much! Most of the consumers say that normally one can reduce weight for 2.5-7.5 kg on a month!


90 days later!


Enjoy your light body and your nice figure!



FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 20 Box/Boxes
Port: tianjin
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,paypal

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