1.colorful OSB;
2.Sound insulation, fire prevention function;
3.Seismic performance;
4.Stable deformation.

OSB it's name is Oriented Strand Board.Based on a path of material, branches of material, and the thinning of material as raw materials, through the special equipment along the grain direction processed into planing piece, the dry, sizing and special equipment will form the core layer crisscross directional after outfit, again a continuous heat moulding panels.


 Formaldehyde to release a quantity: Products commonly the formaldehyde release a quantity in 3-4mg/is 100 gold or so, full compliance with European EN300 environmental standards - the highest level (the E1 standard less than 9mg/is 100 gold), and at the same time basically reaching E0 level release standards.


The performance of OSB:

1.Stable deformation;

2.Sound insulation, fire prevention function;

3.Seismic performance;


Application field of OSB:

1.Decoration industry 

   Mainly used for family use, more hall and make wooden door, the door is covered,, bookcase,   central heating, is joinery board, plywood upgrades replacement;

2. Housing Construction

    Used for interior structure material and adornment material, concrete template

3. Household Industry

    Due to restructuring of wood structure high bearing and dimension stability, is suitable for processing the outstanding performance, make sofa, bed, the furniture such as ark, bookcase.

4. Flooring Industry

    Can be used as a hair floor, stable performance, the foot feels good, changeless form. Also can be used as the base material of solid mu fu joins a floor board.


Have different colours and patterns on it;

Tight construction and hig strengh;

Minimum twisting,delamination or warping;

No rotten or decay,strong against corrosion and fire;

Water proof,consistent when exposed in the nature or wet environment;

Low formaldehyde emission;

Good nailing strength,easy to be sawn, nailed, drilled, grooved, planed,filed, or polished;

Good heat and sound resistant, easy to be coated.






FOB Price: FOB USD 48~65 / Piece
Minimum Order: 50 Piece/Pieces
Port: Ningbo
Payment Terms: T/T

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