The whole machine adopts a brand-new design concept and gives people a new visual feast.
With the CVT system, the engine can change its speed automatically. It is more convenient to operate.
Short machine body, short front-back wheel distance, small turning radius, easy to turn around in field, high harvesting efficiency.
The cutting table adopts the forced feeding method of the dialing grain chain. It does not need to be in line when working and can be harvested horizontally. The machine suits different corn planting structure, different row space, and different corn varieties.
Adopt double-screw picking roller, pull the corn stick into cutter table, not roller intertwining and blocking, less broken stem, lower seed damage rate. 
Adopt flexible finger soft peeling technology, 4 units peeling device, 16 pieces peeling rollers, clean peeling , less seed damage rate and seed lose rate.
Equipped with a slip-way seed recovery device, it can quickly unload the recovered seeds, with short time and high efficiency. 
Equipped with a front hob and a middle slasher Straw crushing and returning device, the cutting stubble is low, and the stalks and stalks have a high smashing rate.
It adopts a fully enclosed large-circle arc glass cab, which has a wide field of vision, effectively reduces noise and makes driving comfortable. * The elevator and stripping machine adopts the speed monitoring alarm device to monitor the working status of the whole machine in real time and effectively reduce the failure.
Rear view system is configured to monitor the working status of grain tank and peeling machines in real time.
Adopt hydraumatic side dumping device, convenient for operating corn unloading.


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Minimum Order: 1
Port: Qingdao, China
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, D/P, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram

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