The ZMUX-35 is modular design and provides four 4*E1 module slots. Optional: 4×E1, 8×E1, 12×E1, and 16×E1. It has two DB37 connectors. Each DB37 connector can access 1~8 channel E1 signals, and provide 16channel E1 interfaces to realize 16 channel E1 full-slot cross-connect function.

Interface NO.

Interface Name



Network management

The local network management interface, RS485 or RS232 optional.


Link interface

2 *8 E1 interface (DB37-CC4 converter)


Power supply interface

Device power plug (220VAC or -48VDC optional)


Power supply interface and Switch

Device power switch


Dial switch

10 bit dial switch (E1 indicator lamp status and equipment clock feature setting)


System indicator

Alarm indicating lamp of Equipment , running state indicating lamp


Ground terminal

Equipment grounding


* 19inch 1U chassis

* modular design, flexible configuration of system capacity, support 4*E1, 8* E1, 12*E1, 16*E1

* support 75 ohm balance or 120 ohm unbalanced.

* support PCM30 or PCM31 format

* with channel signaling (CAS) cross processing.

* support one way broadcast (point-to-multipoint transmission)

*support network management function,can monitor the configuration information of the entire network, the E1 link status, the E1 protection status, and the user interface status.

* can monitor E1 line LOS, AIS, LOF and other fault alarms

* supports the real-time monitoring function of the working status of central office device's and the remote device's built-in power supply, and also supports the real-time monitoring function of the external Emerson switching power supply working state.

Network Diagram


FOB Price: 1-349USD
Minimum Order: 1
Port: Guangzhou
Payment Terms: T/T

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