DOING corn syrup processing equipment first step is making starch from corn, then we use the starch to produce the glucose syrup. It can produce glucose syrup from corn starch guarantee high quality. It will save much cost and consumption during the whole corn syrup production process.

To converting corn starch into corn syrup, the double-enzyme method is the most advanced method which for corn syrup production is first mix corn powder with water making slurry (like produce liquid glucose from starch), jet cooking slurry for liquefaction (liquefaction enzyme), separate protein and other solid impurity , saccharification (saccharification enzyme), decolorization , Ion exchange and evaporation to get required density high quality clear corn glucose syrup.

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As far as we know that the raw material for making syrup is starch. Any crops containing starch, such as corn, rice ,cassava, potato, etc., can be used for production of glucose syrup from starch.

Our dry milling method for corn syrup production process: first dry cleaning corn, remove the corn germ (can be used for making corn oil) and then use dry milling method to mill cleaned corn to required corn powder , without any water input or discharge during the corn powder production .

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