Sidewall Conveyor Belt Introduction

Corrugated sidewall conveyor belt is one of the most effective ways of elevating materials in a confined space, the economy is achieved by single belt operation, wide range material can be handled, less space requirement, no transfer point, low maintenance and big capacity.

It is widely used for bulk materials in numerous and various industrial applications, including seaports, power plants, steel production, minerals processing ,mining ,chemical industry ,etc. 

GRAND-WALL sidewall conveyor belt can be designed into a set of complete transportation system according to different applications. 

1.No transfer points.
2.No spillage with steep angle conveying, steep incline and vertical conveying. 
3.Wide range of materials can be handled.
4.Maximum utilization of space.
5.Minimum maintenance, long working life. 
6.Low power requirement, quiet smooth operation.

Cross Rigid Base Belt

Sidewall conveyor belts require a certain tensile strength and abrasion resistance. For base belt with lateral free space, the belt has to have enough cross rigidity transversely and flexibility longitudinally to meet up with the requirement of deflection part of conveyor.

Base Belt Structure:

4 Parts: Top cover rubber, Bottom cover rubber
Our special designed base belt with cross rigidity solved the problem of the belt collapse. The belt widths are all in accordance with international standard.

Sidewall Series

GRAND-WALL sidewalls represent the latest in designing and manufacturing techniques.

The sidewall design ensures maximum flexing without fatigue, the profile has excellent vertical stability for load retention and return side support .The design allows for high compression to ensure smooth inner deflection around small radii. Another important design feature is that the sidewalls can be pressed from both sides when being applied to the base belt, this offers much higher bond strengths and security. The fabric insertion is of the diagonal type which gives excellent tear resistance and also allows the sidewall to flex easier. 

The rubber compounds used have been tested to ensure maximum flexibility along with high abrasion resistant and high tensile strength and provide additional resistances where needed, e.g. Heat, cold, oil, fire risk etc.

Rubber Grades:

Normal Black Abrasion Resistant

Black Standard High Abrasion Resistant 

Moderate Oil Resistant 

Heat Resistant to 120℃

Heat Resistant to 150℃
High Heat Resistant to 180℃
Flame Retardant 

Other qualities may be available for special orders, please send enquiry to us.

Our sidewalls form type 120mm and higher have special diagonal fabric reinforcement in the corrugations as standard, but smaller sidewalls can have this feature where required.

Pulley diameters shown are for normal quality, please enquire for recommended diameters on belts with in special qualities or different tensile strengths.

Cleat Series

We designed special rubber compound for GRAND-WALL cleats,it has excellent features including impact resistance, correct hardness to avoid cleat deformation under load and high abrasion resistance. 

Cleat types: T, TS, C, TC and TCS

The cleat is made of enforced fabric, solid, anti-shock to avoid distortion. “TS” and “TCS”cleats are normally used for abrasion condition. “T”and “TS” cleats are normally used up to 40°, “TC”and “TCS” cleats are normally used from 40°to 90°. Sidewall, cleat and base belt are joined through hot vulcanization. Cleats and sidewalls are joined through bolt to prevent leakage of material. 

All GRAND-WALL cleats have been specifically designed to give optimum performance. The ‘C’ and ‘TC’ types have been created to offer best conveying capacities along with excellent self-cleaning properties. 

Our cleats form 110mm and higher have special diagonal fabric reinforcement in the vertical and angled parts, but smaller cleats can have this feature when required.

Our Sidewall Conveyor Belt Advantage:

1.Hot Vulcanization Technology

All of our sidewalls and cleats are applied to the base belt by an advanced hot vulcanizing technology. It ensures the highest adhesion levels possible which eliminates the risk of separation, and is not adversely affected by materials which has high temperature.

2.Production Range

Base belt width:300mm-2400mm
Sidewall height:40mm-500mm
Cleat height:55mm-470mm
Belt strength:250N/mm-6000N/mm

3.Various Types Of Rubber Compounds

We have a wide range of types of rubber compounds to satisfy various requirements for handing all sorts of materials . Please refer to the sheet below.

4.Advanced Computerized Sidewall Conveyor Belt Selection 

The appropriate belt specification can be calculated by our computerized sidewall belt selection system by our experienced team on submission of the exact conveying application . Please send us your requirements and we will try our most to select a suitable belt along with our commercial offer.

5.Humanized And Safe Packing Method

In order to protect the sidewall conveyor belt properly during transportation, it will be stored in a steel crate or container until installation. The belt packing method is that the sidewall conveyor belt is stored in a place where is dry, away form direct sunlight and hot temperatures . 

Long term temperature variation will bring an adverse effect on the belt. The ideal storage environment is between 10-21 degree centigrade.Long term exposure to temperature less than 5 degree centigrade will bring a deteriorating effect on the belt, and will shorten the working life of the belt.

All GRAND-WALL conveyor belts leave the production line would be packed as shown to ensure safe transportation. It is very important to lift the steel crate form underneath by straps or chains when handing it. Do not lift the crate at any other points or it may result some damage.

It is essential that when offloading and unpacking the belt that the utmost care be taken not to damage the belt. It is most important that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should a steel cable or rope be used to lift the belt either out of a crate or onto the conveyor.


FOB Price: US $20-100 / Meter
Minimum Order: 50 Meter
Port: Qingdao Port
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C

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