Why you choose Silicon PU Surface? 1. Comfort:Due to the buffer coat layer, the floor is very comfortable to play on compared to the commonly used hard court solutions. 2. Safety: with its renown, durable silicon PU top finish with its well-balanced friction/sliding properties, the Comfort Court offers safety for the players at all time. 3. Seamless design: 70% of all floor failures start with a seam; so, no seams, no porous, no problems. 4. Closed surfaces: No dirt or bacteria can penetrate the floor; very easy to clean, very hygienic. 5. Multisports use: The surface makes it suitable to play all kinds of ball games, including tennis, basketball, handball, football or netball. 6. Every design is possible: Including using more colours in one floor or inserting a sports club logo in the floor. 7. Excellent UV resistance: This ensures a surface with the same appearance for years and years after installation. 8. Resistant: silicon PU Comfort Court is resistant against cigarette burns and many common chemicals. 9. Easy to repair:When the floor is damaged, it can be repaired seamlessly. 10. Asphalt or Concrete sub-base: Both are suitable for silicon PU Comfort Court. Technical Specifications • Thickness: 3-8mm, • Colour: Green, Red, Blue etc. • Friction Factor: 0.57 • Vertical Deformation: 2.3mm • Environmental Protection Level: E1 • Function: Waterproof, Sound proof, • Anti-Static Rebound Value%: 29 • Ball Rebound Value%: 98 • Vertical Deformation(Mm): 2.0 • Linear Friction: 98 •  Specification: ITF certificate • Game: Basketball and Tennis • Shock Absorption Rate: >53% • Usage: Outdoor, Indoor • Durable Years: Five Years • Stretch Value%: 0.8 • Shock Absorbance%: 46 • Charater: Elastic Gloss: 35 There are no limitations when you choose to install a silicon PU Comfort Court system.When playing ball games, the pros and cons of touch between feet and ground has effect on the quality of sport and health straightly. Silicon PU court has strong weather resistance and adhesive quality. In addition, the distinctive craft of the elastic layer makes it more elastic when the feet touching the ground. Moreover,The superiority of slide proof is that it can guarantee the teenagers’ safety and inspire the potential of people’s sporting ability.


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