Product function:
1 、 high-precision use of high-precision clock chip with temperature compensation, the annual error is less than 1 minutes, the power does not affect the travel time
2, time display support 12 hours /24 hour system, the clock interface shows the week and status instructions directly, square lattice with Chinese status instructions
3, micro, USB interface power supply voltage, 5V, USB or mobile phone charger can easily power supply
4, temperature display, temperature display, you can choose Celsius or Fahrenheit units
5, 8 stage brightness adjustment can be automatically adjusted or adjusted according to the brightness of the environment, the minimum brightness does not affect sleep at night
6, the whole point of time (7-22 points effective, beep beep time, can open or close)
7, the countdown is the longest, support 59 minutes, 59 seconds countdown, the end of time will ring, beep tone
8, 10 groups of custom alarm clock, each set of alarm clock can be set by week (you can set every day, one day, Monday to Friday, Monday to Saturday or weekend ring 12 modes of work)
9, sleep mode closed display, save power, put an end to light pollution
10, automatic rotation display interface can rotate 180 degrees, display content will automatically adjust, do not worry about the power cord will affect product placement
11, the error compensation range can be set -99s~99s (year by year, the actual error is not more than 60s), after setting the chip automatically adjust the error, to achieve more accurate timing!
12, the tone button can turn on or off the function, function menu: bp:ON or bp:OF
13, clock interface, you can easily view the date, temperature, seconds, voltage and other functions (see instruction)
14, scroll mode can be set for the date, day, temperature, rolling, or a separate temperature scroll, or you can turn off the function. Function menu dp:x or dp:OF
15, two fonts, function menu FONT1 or FONT2
16 、 black, transparent acrylic shell assembly, product size: 25.8*8.3*2.7 (cm, L*W*H), display area size 24.0*6.0 (CM)


FOB Price: Negotiable
Minimum Order: Negotiable
Port: shenzhen
Payment Terms: TT

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