1.physical therapy equipment, with CMOS chip of computer CPU as core 
2.can produce biological wave and the wave can resonate wi 

Physical therapy equipment

Digital therapy masaager

Colour display screen

Nine electronic hole patch build in

Low, medium and high frequency pulse therapy


with CMOS chip of computer CPU as core, can produce biological wave and the wave can resonate with the cellular elements of the body. It can rapidly smooth the main and collateral channels of the body and activate blood circulation. Its still integrates the therapeutics of electrotherapy, etc. It is a kind of safe, convenient, rapid and painless advanced comprehensive treatment method.




1. ultrasound therapy (ultrasound electrode)

2.laser therapy (laser wire)

3.Heat rate test (heart rate wire)


  foot massage(foot spa shoes)

  eyes massage( eye mask)

  breast shaping(breast electrode)

  neck massage(drug electrode)


   we have also thermotherapy belt, self-adhesive electrode, weight lost electrode, ear holder electrode and cuppping to choose from!


Technical parameters:


1.Frequency of intermediate frequency impulse

1-5KHK, impulse range 0-1 ms

2. Frequency of treatment impulse

CPU automatic alternation, multiple units modulation, 0.1-500 HZ

3.Output voltage

0-120V, consecutive, adjustable

4.Work voltage

D.C. 12V

5. Power supply used

AC220V/50Hz power:40VA

6.Security type

Type BF of Class

7.Scope of ambient temperature


8. Useful life

10 years

9. Output resistance

500Ω +/- 10%




  Basic Fittings

 Main apparatus                        

 frared thermotherapy belt               

Self adhesive electrode                 

Drug electrode                          

Two-pin wire                            

Operational Manual                      

Foot SPA shoes                         

Laser wire                             

Ultrasound electrode                    

heart rate wire          


 Treatment Scope

Auxiliary treatment of arthritis, lumbar muscle strain, stiff neck, cervical spondylosis, retrograde affection of joints, hypertrophy of lumbar vertebra, tenosynovitis etc. please see Treatment manual for details.


FOB Price: 30-70$/set
Minimum Order: 2set
Port: shenzhen
Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union,paypal

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