SHARE Nano Innovative Melamine Floor Polishing Pad is mainly made of strong compressed melamine sponge with higher density:10/12/16kg/m3, micro-fibres much smaller than ten thousandth of hair dip into the deep surface of floor, micro-particle, dense texture,by micro-abrasive principle, fast remove the stains, polish, dewax, repair small scratches.The Optimal Floor Cleaning Pads.

Micro abrasive: Powerful grinding,fast polish and dewax..
Micro-fibre: Deep-cleaning, dense texture, no hurt floor surface.
Efficient: Floor cleaning, polishing and dewaxing at once.

Main Characteristics
1. Easy to use: Use water only. After wet the melamine sponge pads they can clean various floor surfaces. Fast to remove the black masks,grease, oil, deep scruff marks,dirt, shoe marks and more!
2. Chemical-free No detergent or additives needed, 100% waterbased cleaning. Eco-friendly.
3. Powerful cleaning Magical and fast to wipe off the stubborn stains, old dirt and marks.
4. Durability Higher quality, more durable and longer useful life than our competitors .
5. Wide range application Can be used on various floor surfaces. Marble, Ceramic tiles, Rubber, Wood floor and more in the theatre, shopping mall, cinema, hospital etc.
6. Customized: 9,11,13,15,16,17,18,19,20'' and other customized. To fix all kinds of professional floor cleaning machines

Compared to our competitors, our main Advantage:
1- Eco-friend glue: only our melamine floor polishing pad is used eco-friend glue in China.
2- More firm: the sponge and scouring pad is more firm glued together. it stands the test of put in water for more than one week. but our competitors' one can not.
3- Factory directly sell: reasonable price.
Our specially developed cleaning sponge as a new solution will clean types of floor faster and cleaner than traditional polishing pad.

------Easy to Use! Contains NO Chemicals! Use Only Water! 
Micro-abrasive principle with strong grinding ability
Finest texture, no hurt the surface
High Efficient with Unique Open Fiber Structure, no Jam Pore, Maximizing Contact to Clean
Floor cleaning / polishing / wax removing at a time
Pure White Natural Feature, not through color when polishing


FOB Price: 12.00
Minimum Order: 200
Port: Xiamen
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union

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