ROOTS TYPE Since the Rotor,the core of FANGYUAN's RB TYPE ROTA RY BLOWER, uses FANGYUAN's unique facial and serial processing ty

1. Using the optimum curve and special highly precise processing rotor\

ROOTS TYPE The ROTOR, the core of ROTARY BLOWER is not a device built
with simple circular arc curve, but with a curve designed to decrease a sudden change of volume of feeding air to the minimum and to prevent back flow. This product has superior quality using JUNGSUN's unique processing type(patented) with minimal
tolerance limit and maximizing the surface density. Since various curves processing methods is achievable resulting in such products as of 3 Lobes with few noise, 2 Lobes with high capacity and other particular types, the range of choices is enlarged and the
performance is highly improved. As a result, we level up production ROOTS TYPE technology of domestic ROTARY BLOWER comparable with foreign ones. These products are highly applicable in fields where the stability and reliability is needed, such as Vacuum Blower in semiconductor's production process, laboratories, harmacies, nuclear power plants and so on. It is also applicable in the field of high pressure usage where we had depended on imported models in the past.(FANGYUAN's products do not allow problems such as increase of pulsation, much noise, generation of heat, lowefficiency and so on caused by use of simple curve because of





ROOTS TYPE In the past ROTARY BLOWER designs, compressed high pressure air is to be flown backward inside Housing the moment the 2 Lobes and 3 Lobes Rotor are opened from a output port at the last stages. So a rapid change of pressure is made between pressure of the Rotors and the output port.
The quick change of pressure caused by the back-flow of air and compression causes generation of noise. The final stage to be opened in output and suction ports in not parallel to the shaft but of Helical port type, which is to be opened by degrees from final stage as shown in the picture. Therefore the output port is not opened instantly by rotation of Rotor but through the port of Helical type and made gradually along the Helical wall. So the high pressure fluid in output port is mostly removed by minimizing the change of instant pressure ROOTS TYPE of rapid back flow. In omparison with ROTARY BLOWER which has no Helical type port, there is outstandingly low noise efficiency. As the Helical structures of suction or output port, there are rare vibration and noise remarkably, instant open and close is removed, vibration of fluid flown is removed, load of bearing by vibration is filly decreased and impact load on gear and bearing is decreased.




All types uses Lock Washer and Lock Nut joint by way of precaution against an unexpected accident on the machine. In addition, since possible flange pipe is selected on all ports, it is convenient to install and maintain. Depending on usage and field condition, Various types Such as Vertical type, Horizontal type, both sides OilBox type, Water Cooling type, Oil Cooling type and etc. are





Discharge Unit is improved to a small type unit with high efficiency so that pipe installation and maintenance can be very economical and easy. Flexible Joint, Check Valve and ischarge Silencer are made to be one small Unit. In this Discharge Unit, a new Sound Silencer is used with not using Rock a Wool which causes second pollution in the existing Sound Silencer.






A periodical cleaning is needed because when the Blower's temperature increase, the Motor's will
defect subsequently with decrease air volume, etc. It can be caused when the silencer is choked with dirt.
Low noise standard Suction Silencer and Vacuum Blower Type and special type of Silencer can be used according to conditions.




ROOTS TYPE JUNGSUN's ROTARY BLOWER with well harmonized structure and special process type Rotor ensure higher


Noise and vibrations are minimized.
Low electric power cost with lower power and high efficiency.
With standard parts and strong structure, the product life Span is very long and economical efficiency is very long and economical efficiency is remarkably high.


1.      Swptic tank, Industrial Waste water & Sewage water treatment.

2.      Gas transfer for Chemical plant, Air blow for Burning system.

3.      Scum Pulverization & Agitation.

4.      Pneumatic Conveyor.

5.      Vacuum System.

6.      Vacuum Dewatering in Paper Industry.


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