High quality white fused alumina for high alumina refractories

Plant Introduction

    Our company was founded at NingXia province,we are professional activated carbon and abrasive manufacturers, currently produces a variety of multi-purpose series of activated carbon and abrasive. The company is located NingXia, transportation is very convenient. The company has passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management. Company research and development of various series of activated carbon, the formation of the product from raw material acquisition and processing to end sales of vertically integrated business structure, becoming a very competitive business activated carbon.

    We produces coconut shell activated carbon (annual output of 7,000 tons), wood activated carbon, granular activated carbon, coal activated carbon, activated carbon carrier series, home series with activated carbon more than 50 varieties of six series (common with water activated carbon, activated carbon food, medicine charcoal, sugar charcoal, activated carbon air purifier), accepted by customers, research and development dedicated special activated charcoal, activated carbon is suitable experimental study technical subjects.

    Our products are widely used in water purification, power, chemical, metallurgy, coal, textile, printing and dyeing, petroleum and urban water supply and drainage industry, water treatment systems, the company always adhere to science and technology, quality and development of the principle, so that the quality and credibility of the pioneering market, so prices dominate the market, well received by users.

    Integrity first, welcome new and old friends to visit. Let us sincere cooperation, join hands, and grand plans to create Albert, forging ahead!

Product Description

    White Fused Alumina (WFA) is made from Calcined Alumina and is a friable product. Like Brown Fused Alumina, WFA is used in the manufacturing of grinding wheels (both vitrified and resin bonded) and coated products. These grains are also used for shot blasting purpose and as polishing media and refractory grade WFA is used as raw material for high alumina refractories.































1, does not affect the color of the workpiece;
2, can be used to blast residues in non-iron manufacturing process;
3, micronized ideal for wet blasting and polished work;
4, processing speed, high-quality;
5, for a very low amount of iron oxide contained in the residue of the non-ferrous blasting operations;
6, after pickling step to remove impurities.

Product Application

1, surface finish: Metal oxide, carbide black, metallic or non-metallic surface rust remove dirt, such as gravity die casting, rubber mold of the removal of the oxide or agents from the shape of the ceramic surface spots, uranium color removal, painting rebirth.

2, beautification process: a variety of matting or matte gold, K gold jewelry, precious metal products, the processing, matte crystal, glass, corrugated, acrylic, and other non-metallic processing and make the workpiece surface into a metallic sheen.

3, the etching process: jade, crystal, agate, semi-precious stones, stamps, ornamental stones, antiques, marble gravestone, ceramic, wood, bamboo and other artists of the etching.

4, pre-treatment process: Teflon (TEFLON), PU, rubber, plastic-coated, rubber drum (ROLLER), electroplating, metal spray, titanium, etc. before treatment, the surface adhesion increases.

5, Burr processing: Burr bakelite, plastic, zinc and aluminum die-casting products, electronic components, such as the removal of the core.

6, stress relief processing: aerospace, defense, industrial precision of the parts, rust, paint extinction of stress, such as the elimination of refurbishment processing.

7, electronic parts processing: matte and etching of silicon wafer backside impurity removal of excess plastic packaging of electronic components, remove the finished surface printing and ceramic electric it clean.

8, mold processing: sandblasting general mold surfaces after the mold bite spent matte processing, wire cutting mold, glass mold, tire mold, conductive rubber mold, shoe mold, bakelite mold, electroplating mold, button mold, plastic products mode.

9, the processing of large objects of work: large parts such as rust tank, chemical tank, hull, copper structures, metal housing, container, automotive, etc., paint, auto repair and a large plate glass Satin finish.

10, glass processing: sandblasting glass of various processes.

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Packaging and storage: white woven bag, net weight 50kg, t package, customers can also request customized packaging.

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