Product features:

1, this product can directly use AC220V power supply

2, this product built-in two long life, high capacity of 800 mah lead-acid rechargeable battery, charge and discharge frequency in the more than 500 times (with functions of battery, power failure using switch function can be used as emergency light).

3, this product USES green, environmental protection, energy saving, high brightness, long life of LED bulbs.

4, the product lampshade adopts pure metal, streamlined shell.

5, adopt new ABS plastic manufacturing this product base, high temperature resistance, anti-aging.

Directions for use:

1, the direct use of 220 v alternating current (ac) online, please send the side switch to 220 v, and then insert the lamp power plug into the power socket.

2, when using built-in battery supply, can be sowed the lamp power supply cord, then the side switch to the CHARGE.

3,Desk lamp switch  charging, make sure whether the power cord is in close state, then switch to CHARGE, then insert the lamp power supply power supply socket, the corresponding power red indicator light and the power, the green light is lit, it indicates that the lamp is in charging status, CHARGE time about 8 hours, discharge time is 13 hours.

4, touch has three functions, "weak light" for the first time, the second "light", "off" for the third time.

Matters needing attention

1, please select a charging power supply and in conformity with the national security standard socket.
2 charging, please confirm whether the lamp is in close state, otherwise easy to burn out the LED light bulbs and the power of internal components.
3, please placed in dry environment.
4, the longest charging time not more than 24 hours, and as far as possible away from flammable items.
5, desk lamp, battery charging intervals not less than three months, otherwise it will reduce battery life.


FOB Price: FOB 19
Minimum Order: 30--200
Port: shen zhen
Payment Terms: T/T

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