Flange Diaphragm Sealed Level Transmitter

HGFLT (smart) flange type level transmitter can carry on accurate measurement of gauge pressure, differential pressure, level and density for all kinds of containers. Flush flange and insertion flange available, 3" or 4", 15 01b or 3001b flange, custom-made flange option. It is mainly based on differential pressure principle. 


●  High accuracy

●  No mechanical and movable parts, little repair work

●  Span and zero continuous and adjustable from outside

●  Good stability

●  Positive shift amount to 500%; negative shift 600%

●  Two-wire system 4~20mA DC

●  Damping adjustable, overpressure protection

●  Solid components, patch-type printed circuit board

●  Explosion-proof structure, all-day use

●  Unified structure, strong interchangeability of parts

●  Miniaturization(total height166mm)

●  Diaphragm materials of contacting mediums option (316L, TAN, HAS-C, MONEL, etc.)

●  smart HART protocol



▲ Service: liquid, gas and steam

▲ Measuring range : 0~0.06 kPa to 0~40Mpa

▲ Output signal : 4~20mA DC (four-wire 220V AC power supply, 0~10mA DC output for special)

▲ Power supply : 12~45V DC, generally 24V DC

▲ Features of loading: relation equation of loading impedance RL and power voltage

           Vs: RL <= 50(Vs-12)

▲ Indicator : pointer-type linearity indication 0~100% scale mark or LCD indicator, LED indicator.

▲ Explosion proof : a. explosion isolation  d  = 2 * ROMAN II CT6

              b. intrinsically safe ia  = 2 * ROMAN II CT6

▲ Positive and negative shifts : after positive and negative shifts of zero absolute values of upper-and-lower-limit values of span and measuring range not exceed 100% of upper limit of measuring range.( smart type : turn down ratio 20:1, 40:1)

Maximum positive shift is 500% of minimum adjusting span; maximum negative shift is 600% of minimum adjusting span.

▲ Temperature range: amplifier operation temperature range: -29 ~ +93C

 (LT type: -25 ~ +70C); measuring component of fill silicone oil: -40 ~ +104C

 flange type transmitter fill hi-temperature silicone oil: -20 ~ +315Cnormal silicone oil: -40 ~ +149C

▲ Static pressure : 4, 10, 25, 32Mpa

▲ Humidity : relative humidity 0~100%

▲ Volume absorption : <0.16cm3

    ▲ Damping (phase step response) : For silicone oil, generally between 0.2s and1.67s, continuous and adjustable



(no shift, under standard operation conditions, fill silicone oil, 316 SS diaphragm)

1.    Accuracy class: +/-0.25%, +/-0.5% (smart type: +/-0.1%, +/-0.075%)

2.    Dead zone: no (<=0.1%)

3.    Stability : within 6 months not beyond absolute value of basic error of maximum span

4.    Vibration effect: on a random ax upward, at vibration frequency of 200 Hz, error +/-5%/g of upper limit of measuring range.

5.    Power effect : < 0.005%/V of output span

6.    Loading effect : no effect from loading at stable power

7.    Effect of installation position : at most 0.24kPa of zero error, no effect on span


FOB Price: 450-550 USD
Minimum Order: 1
Port: Shanghai
Payment Terms: T/T

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