1.plasma cutting tables
2.CE standard
3.Plasma and flame cut
4.Easy to set up and use
5.cutting area is 2,000
Product Description


ARCBRO Battleship GT

1.The ArcBro-Battleship GT standard cutting area is 2,000X3,000mm

2.Max cutting area can reach 3,500X15,000mm

3.Available Cutting Width Standard 1,800mm (2,000mm / 2,500mm / 3,000mm / 3,500mm)

4.Available Cutting Length Standard 2,500mm (Add 500mm for one unit, max as 15,000mm)

5.Servo Cutting System or Stepper Cutting System (optional)

Stability!! We update all Battleship structure into more stronger, it is much more stable but assemble easy. Battleship GT use Aluminum + Steel style, it has the light and endurable and stable feature :

the Aluminum support update 40X80MM from 40X40MM
the cross beam update 80X100MM square steel from the 40X40MM Aluminum, Max support 150KG
the width of the machine car rail update 420MM from 320MM
the whole connection structure using the 40X80MM Aluminum , even on the bottom base
the fix of the base is heavy U-steel
update the installation structure, totally quick fix design, you will more easy assemble the machine
More Precise!! we update the transmission details, the Battleship GT has more cutting performance:

the rack update 17X17MM 1.5 from 10X10MM 1.0
the guide on cross beam is duo linear V groove guide wheel
the powerful motor update, Panasonic servo system optional
the guide on the rail is double size than ever, each guider has 2 wheel
the THC update into auto high speed system, no need switch when plasma and Oxyfuel model changing
with anti colliding system
the THC is much more larger and endurable , and equip with the big plasma power, like Max or HPR
update into 3 electromagnetic valve for Oxyfuel cutting
with the anti dust cooling fan

ArcBro Battleship GT Feature :


ArcBro Battleship integrates a completely new version of CNC controller with many new features:

High Memory for Users’ Programs
7.0 inch Colorful Screen, high resolution
Built-in Library of Commonly Used Figures
Break-point & Power-cut Restoration
Returning to Reference Point
Kerf compensation
Mirror image

Technical Parameters :

ModelBattleship GT Series   
Machine bodyType1800….2500…3500…
 Transverse bar length2,500mm2,500mm4,200mm
 Effective cutting width1,800mm2,500mm3,500mm
 Longitudinal rail length3,500mm 4,500mm 5,500mm selectable  
 Effective cutting length3,000mm 4,000mm 5000mm selectable  
 Rapid speed15,000mm/min Servo; or 8,000mm/min Stepper  
 Cutting speed0–600 mm/min (Flame); 0-8,000 mm/min (Plasma)  
 Supply voltageSingle phase,110V or 220V selectable by internal switch  
 Heat shield plateProtect the machine body during cutting  
ModelBattleship GT Series 
Gas cuttingGas cutting torch1 set with motorized torch riser or capacitive sensor (THC)
 Cutting tip1 set(4 tips 1,2,3,4 each)
 Cutting thicknessMax. cutting thickness is subject to cutting tip size
Plasma cuttingTorch holder1 set with motorized torch riser / Diameter adjustable
 ArcArc voltage torch height control
 Plasma cable hold1 set of Bridge type plasma cable hold arm
CNCModel of CNC  ArcBro CNC
 Operation pane  7.0 inch LCD graphic display and key pad
 LanguageEnglish ,Spanish,Russian, etc
 Program input1 set of USB port
 ContouringX/Y/Z 3 axes control
 oordinate rangeMax.+/- 99,999.999mm
 Program formatEIA format
 Shape library24 patterns
 Wireless controlOptional
 Operation functionDry run,Reverse, Plate alignment, Mirror,etc
  CAD/CAM  Model  SigmaNEST Companion™ , MTC, FastCAM, SI


ARCBRO can be used to be your portable CNC cutting solution, it is an ideal cutting tools instead of the small work shop or scrap cutting after the bigger gantry machine. ARCBRO proves its value from many areas, and it is many strengths, for example:

1.Support Flame & Plasma Cutting Both
2.Simple installation, plug and play
3.New Colorful controller with High Memory
4.Libary patterns support nesting, make you off-pc cutting truly!
5.Less Space Occupation
6.Movable & Adjustable Cutting Platform, Anywhere for cutting

What can we do for you?

Save time. You fell there is no enough time when you do you work in the day? Ok, we can’t reinvent the clock, but you might think we did that, because of the use of our arcbro instead of your traditional mechanical cutting turtles. Our new customer always feedback the information that they did add extra labor and fine works, but do double output. Why they got double output, which is because arcbro is fast and simple to movable and portable CNC, and it is very easy to be operation also.

Lower Investment

If you are a DIY fun or a Metal design lover, now you will have a new choice .
Do you have a headache for the highest cost of the bigger gantry machine ? pls consider our ArcBro   plasma cnc machine    . we believe you must be much enjoy for the portable machine performance, after serial year development, Our CNC machine already become much more better than ever. now many factory focus on use the ArcBro Portable CNC cutting machine, for the cost will be much lower than the bigger one.

Simple Operation

Any common people can operate our ArcBro, the system is friendly and simple, more important, there are many patterns already in our machine system, you can cut it directly without go to for the AutoCAD designning. anyway, if you are an AutoCAD master, you can also cut your arts through a USB Memory card easily.

Durable In Use

All the ArcBro machine is made by good quality parts, every every screw, now many ArcBro portable still working in the world after six years. it still works for every steel cutter. we only supply the good quality machine for every customer. every customer is our God.

Cost Savings

With arcbro portable cutting system, you will can cut any scrap which can not be design any more after the bigger gantry machine to save your cost of job. For we also the CNC while the smaller one, anyway we do the same cutting tasks.

Engineered Solutions

Our engineer will help every customer to design the cutting figure ,if the customer need help ,we also can help dealer to have a train for machine use , CAD design , cutting solution , machine updating, portable NC machine repairment ,even the marketing support ,if you want .

Company Information

Based on professional organization and considerable funds, we innovate continuously.

we use Practical attitude to promise high quality service, to be able to handle client issues in a timely manner.

Focus on the Automation fields, Confident makes us successful.

ArcBro is a group company, we are total solution provider for portable cutting system, including the plate cutting and the pipe cutting .

ArcBro was founded in 2008, the Chinese brand portable CNC cutting system, while with the Japan quality in the world.
Currently, ArcBro has become the best company doing portable cnc cutting production. Taking advantage of endurable industry steel,
we use only carefully selected materials. that must have high quality.

we will supply the high quality product for the world only .

Our core strength lies in our after-sales service and the application support we provide to all our customers. To facilitate and keep-up to the reputation of the brands we promote, we have an in-house team of professionally trained Sales Engineers; proficient Engineers for Servicing.

Innovative,Practical,Confident and state of the art customer service are all hallmarks of a successful organization.

This success can be attributed to our uncompromising dedication to providing our customers with innovative, reliable products of the highest quality, and backing them with the best service and technical support the industry has to offer.

Our sales engineers are fully trained machines consultants. Being positioned in local markets enables our representatives to respond swiftly to customers’ needs and communicate with them in their own language. In addition, it allows us to gather ideas generated locally and turn them into new products and technologies that benefit our customers around the globe.

In keeping with our commitment to providing the best customer service, ArcBro maintains the largest and most highly trained sales staff in the industry. Each employee on our equipment is thoroughly trained to be technically proficient.

Above all, everything that we do is driven by our goal to make our customers the most successful customers in the world.

We have other series of products, please see store for details


FOB Price: US $ 1 / Set |
Minimum Order: 1 Set/Sets
Port: beijing,shanghai,dalian,tianjing
Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union

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