Solar lotus fountain floating fountain AS-0814RH
Product introduction:
Solar fountain is driven by solar energy landscape fountain device pump for pumping water. This product uses the high efficiency solar cell board and a new brushless pump, has the advantages of high efficiency, quick start, strong stability. In addition, products floating on the surface of the water, no external power supply, convenient installation, simple operation. Widely used in suitable for garden decoration, birdbath, small pond water circulation oxygenation, rockery fountain etc.. Installation is simple, easy to use, as long as there is a direct sunlight, water pump can start work.
Solar panel: 8V/1.4W silicon
The solar panel size: 160mm diameter.
Lotus leaf size (material: EVA): 280mm diameter
The pump parameters: DC 4.5-12V
The maximum flow rate: 200L/h
Maximum head: 110cm
Product performance:
The spray height: 35--65cm, connecting different nozzle, spray height will be different.
When the solar energy board to receive adequate sunlight, water pump will start in 3 seconds.
Method of use:
1) press diagram assembled products.
2) to put the solar panel in place, to ensure that no other object to cover the light. When the solar energy board to receive adequate light, water pump is working properly.
3) pump just put in water, air, may affect the spraying effect. Normal water pump is connected with advice, nozzle.
Matters needing attention:
1 this product is solar direct drive pump, no external battery, the water height depends on the intensity of sunlight, when the sun is weak, the pump will not work, but will be repeated automatically start, until the sun reaches a certain strength of pump recovery after continuous working state. Please use the product placed on the no shelter from the sun, there are shadows will affect the normal work of the pump.
2 pumps must be completely immersed in water, can not long time dehydration. When the pump was immersed in water, the air inside the pump, water pump in normal suggestions after insert nozzle.
3 please keep clean water, cleaning water regularly, to prevent foreign bodies are pump suction and causes the pump can not work normally.


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 1000
Port: Shenzhen,Yantian
Payment Terms:

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