Apply excellent industrial component to ensure the stability
Perfect electrical protecting,maximum power point tracking
Product Description


1.Apply excellent industrial component to ensure the stability

2.Perfect electrical protecting function put the system into a higher security level.

3.Apply the method of maximum power point tracking matches with wind turbine power curve to charge the battery will generate more power.

4.The limitation setting on pressure,current and power makes sure the battery always in the best power charging condition.

5.We apply the method of PWM“(Pulse Width Modulation) to unload extra electricity which ensure the safety of battery and wind turbine .

6.Provide RJ485 communication interface(Optional: surface,RS232,USD). Remote control is available.

7.128*64 liquid crystal display/parameters setting, beautiful and elegant appearance

8.The charger can be parallel connected and the output volume expanded, which is a strong support for the capacity expansion of wind turbine.

9.Wide voltage design, load voltage DC24V-96V, input voltage AC12-260V

The control system of wind power generation is a kind of equipment which can utilize wind energy to generate power. Wind turbine generator system adopts Maximum Power Point Tracking (hereinafter referred to as MPPT) arithmetic. MPPT can optimize the power dissipation of wind turbine generator in order to generate power completely by using wind wheel to achieve the maximum value of permanent magnet generator (hereinafter referred to as PMG) which will testify that the efficiency of generator power can be improved.

Built-in PWM step-less unloading:When the value of power energy generated by wind turbine generator system exceeds the value of storage battery or the Grid-connected inverter output, the control system will released the spare energy by unloading device. It will be completely connected in the normal control mode. The energy will be entirely exhausted on unloading device in order to cause energy dissipation. Sometimes the method of connecting unloading device grading will be taken. The more grading, the more effective control is. As 5 or 6 grading can be connected in normal mode, the effect is not satisfactory. The equipment adopts step-less unloading by the method of Pulse Width Modulation (hereinafter referred to as PWM), i.e. can connect thousands of grading. Therefore, under the situation of normal unloading, the voltage can be stabilized in the rated voltage which can guarantee the outstanding characteristic of electric power generation. Meanwhile, it can ensure the service life of Grid-connected inverter output and guarantee the safety operation of wind turbine generator system. Solitary equipment well matches wind-light complementary electricity generation system which is less than 10KW off-line or Grid-connected. Multi-equipment can be connected in parallel mode in order to configure in flexibility.

The design of electric control is a kind of project which can apply multi-input with Automatic centralized management. Wind energy, solar energy and traditional energy such as Diesel and gasoline can be connected centralized as generating system and Complement each other to ensure customers operation and saving energy in maximum under the circumstances of variant nature environment.


Rated battery voltage


Wind turbine input voltage

Triphase 12-260VAC

Max. output current on wind turbine power charging component


Adaptive wind turbine power


Communication interface


Display type

128*64 LCD display

Protection method

Overcharge, reverse connection, current,power,voltage limitation,unloading brake, input protection from lighting

Operating property

15 wind scale MPPT

Unloading method

Wind turbine step-less PWM unloading

Operating environment

-35~60 Degree /35~85%RH

Max. connecting wire dimension



Standard 19 inches 4U



Temperature range

-40°C to +60°C

IP Grade




FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 10 Set/Sets
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

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