1.52cc CE certificate garden brush cutter
2.displacement C/49CC/52cc
3.cheap price
4.metal blad
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brush cutter 52cc brush cutter Gasoline Shoulder Brush Cutter/Grass Trimmer With CE approved      garden    garden brush cutter    


ordless lawn mowers trimmers  specification infromation:



Power type



1E44F-5   52cc

Idling speed



5.5KG/5.0KG(engine part) + 4.2kg/3.9kg(pole part)


1pcs in 2box   30x30x30cm / 100*12*12cm






nylon cutter and 3 tooth metal cutter


1.65kw (2.2HP)

all brush cutter product as follow need more detail please let me konw:

1.   26cc 0.74kw brush cutter

2.   33cc 1kw brush cutter


3.   43cc 1.35kw brush cutter


4.   52cc 1.65kw brush cutter


Carton Box

the working pole part carton

the engine part carton


CE AND EU-II Certificater

Cutters , also known as lawn mowers , motor sickle , grass trimmer , lawn mower through the power is divided into different electric and internal combustion powered internal combustion power is divided into two -stroke and four -stroke gasoline engine in different ways through the transmission into gear and straight rod drive shaft by way of the engine oil is divided float , diaphragm pump brush cutter head portion of the work in two ways: the blade and nylon head good working environment without stones and other debris with a blade , and vice versa with the Nigerian leader secure.

   Wide range of uses !
   Landscaping, yard maintenance , road clearing , forest fire, harvesting crops .

   Brush cutters , the company produces brush cutter with good durability, can be used as a professional commercial mowing , compared with the ordinary brush cutter , start very light , U-shaped double handle, the operation is very simple and convenient , the scope of wide , can be equipped with a variety of tools .
Finishing brush cutter garden is a good helper , a small size , light weight, strong and powerful , is the first professional hobby specify the brand !
Brush Cutter is mainly used for cutting weeds along public roads , orchards, hills or uneven grass shrubs and other places , the range can be extended !
Brush Cutter not only significantly higher than other machines tranquility, less fuel consumption , and the working life but also in other cutters twice ! Engine combustion efficiency, power, torque . Lightweight , easy to use, ultra-compact , user-friendly design , shorter working hours , with less fatigue !
Brush Cutter significantly reduce the emission of smoke and hydrocarbons , innovation and integrity degrees can surpass stringent U.S. emissions regulations .

Points to note the use of maintenance

Is a two -stroke brush cutter power , should use power, transmission and knives , etc. Note that you can ensure the normal use of the machine :

Item 1: engine
engine for two -stroke engines , the use of fuel to petrol and oil mixed oil , oil mixed ratio of : two -stroke engine oil : gasoline = 1:50 . Gasoline above No. 90 adopted , oil use two -stroke oil , symbol of 2T, be sure to use brand oil is best to use special oil , prohibited the use of four -stroke engine oil. Suggest new machine the first 30 hours with 1:40,30 hours after the normal ratio of 1:50 with oil press , resolutely not exceed 1:50 , or the concentration is too thin will cause the machine cylinder . Please strictly follow the machine is supplied with oiler with oil , can not be estimated freely with oil. Mixed oil is best now with the current , prohibited the use of a long position with a mixture of oil ;
1 machine work before running at low speed a few minutes before work . Machine work , with normal throttle speed on it. After working for every one tank of fuel , you should rest for 10 minutes , clean the machine after each heat sink to ensure heat dissipation ;
2 spark plug every 25 hours to take down the electrodes with a wire brush to dust , dirt and adjust the electrode gap to 0.6-0.7mm as well ;
3 air filter every 25 hours to remove dust , dirt, large should be more frequent . Foam filter cleaning using gasoline or washing liquid and water to wash , squeeze dry , then soak oil, squeeze the excess oil can be installed .
4 muffler every 50 hours , remove the muffler , exhaust port and muffler clean exit on coke.
5 fuel filter ( suction head ) every 25 hours to remove impurities.

Item 2: the transmission part
Every 25 hours to the gear box ( working head ) to add grease , while the upper part of the clutch disc to the drive shaft at the joint lubrication .

Item 3: tool part
Nylon cable head should control its long , not more than 15 cm . Positive blade must be installed , and pay attention to balance.

Item 4: the use of safety
Job, around 20 meters or less, do not allow people or animals around. Be sure to check there is no angle iron on the grass , stones and other debris, clearing grass debris.

Item 5: storage
Storage, must clean the body , let go of mixed fuel , the fuel burn inside the carburetor net ; Remove the spark plug , to add 1-2ml cylinder two-stroke engine oil, pull starter 2-3 times , and put on the spark plugs.

Safety procedures

pre-operation inspection
1.1 Checking the safety devices are secure , the various parts of the screws and nuts are loose , the fuel is leaking . Especially the blade mounting screws and the screws are tightened the gearbox , if loose should be tightened .
1.2 Check the work area without wires, stones, metal objects and other debris impede operations .
1.3 Check the blade for nicks , cracks, or bending. Any abnormal sound , if you want to check whether the blade good clip .
1.4 When launching sure to brush cutter off the ground or where there is an obstacle .
1.5 Start the engine , be sure to confirm the surrounding non Xianzarenyuan . To confirm that the blade off the ground in the case restart .
1.6 Low temperature should start when the choke open , hot car may not start when the choke .
1.7 First start slowly pull rope until it does not move to pull on , to be bounced back and then quickly pulled out forcefully .
1.8 empty load should pull the throttle to idle or small throttle position , to prevent coaster phenomenon ; work should throttle .
1.9 Do not start the engine indoors .

technical maintenance
2.1 new factory cutters from getting started until the third run-in period during oil filling , Do not let the engine no load speed operation , in order to avoid running the engine during the additional burden .
2.2 full-load operation during the work time , let the engine idle a short time to do so that cooling air away most of the heat , the drive components ( ignition , carburetor ) will not have adverse consequences because the heat build-up .
2.3 air filter maintenance . Will be adjusted to choke throttle position , so as to avoid dirt into the intake manifold . The foam filter is placed in a clean, non- flammable cleaning solution ( such as hot soapy water ) and wash and dry. Replace the filter mat , not dirty when lightly tap or blow - down , but not clean carpets filter. Damage of the filter must be replaced.
2.4 Check the spark plug . In case of lack of engine power , difficult to start or idle fault occurs, first check the spark plugs. Clean the spark plug has been contaminated , check the electrode distance, the correct distance is 0.3 mm, the necessary adjustments. To avoid sparks and fire hazard , always turn the nut screwed onto the threads and tighten the spark plug is tightly pressed onto the spark plug.


FOB Price: US $ 44 - 45 / Set |
Minimum Order: 100 Set/Sets
Port: Ningbo
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

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