SEEK Organic BamBoo Power BBP No.3® (Bamboo-charcoal & bamboo-ash based soil 
conditioner) is based on soil biology & bamboo physical properties. The major components include
bamboo charcoal and bamboo ash. It is certified 100% organic by IMO & USDA .


  • Reduces atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (CO2) by trapping it as charcoal Carbon permanently in the soil.
  • Ameliorates soil structures, repairs damaged soil, increases soil aeration in heavy soil and water retention in sandy soil.
  • Absorbs residues of pesticides & heavy metals, purifies underground water and releases beneficial minerals to increase the overall health and fertility of the soil.
  • Strengthens plant roots systems, balances the supply and demand of nutrients for plants to increase crop yields.
  • Enhances decease resistance, improves taste and appearance of most produce and crops, particularly fruits and vegetables.
  • Raises the temperature of the soil, regulates its moisture content and reduces the need for chemical fertilizers.

BBP NO.3®  Composition 
NPK   ≥6%
Organic matters   ≥40%
pH   5.0-8.0
Total carbon   ≥40%
Fixed carbon   >35%
Micro-nutrients   ≥1%
Water    35-40%
Appearance   black coarse powder
Package    20kg/bag


  • Suitable for all organic agriculture and horticulture, including vegetables, fruits, flowers, etc. Recommended especially for seed raising beds, greenhouse cultures and potting mixes.
  • Also recommended as an accelerator for compost, retaining moisture, fostering essential microorganisms and substantially reducing the loss of nutrients, particularly Nitrogen during the composting process. 


  • Broad acre and greenhouse application rates vary from 1000-10,000 per hectare, depending on soil type and chemistry, crop type, fertilization and irrigation methods,climate, etc. After providing the respective information, ask SEEK for recommendations.  
  • In seed raising and potting mixtures, use 20-30 volume % BBP No.3®, depending on the openness and composition of the remaining part of the blend.

  • Stored in cool & dry place, BBP No.3® is stable for 2 years.
  • May be harmful if swallowed. Keep children, pets and livestock away when applying the product.


FOB Price: FOB Shanghai, USD$850/MT
Minimum Order: 1MT
Port: Shanghai
Payment Terms: 50% T/T before production, Rest Before Shipment.

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