Air stream dryer is widely applied for drying granule and powder.It can be used in many industries.
It adopts instant drying principle ,then utilizes hot airs quick move to dry damp raw material and makes it float into the air,and this can strengthen the whole process and improve the speed of heat exchange.If raw material is dried by thie equipment,non-combined moisture can be removed completely(For example:raw material moisture is around 40%,and the finished products moisture is just 13.5),dried material never metamorphosed,compared with general drier,the output is remarkably raised.
Technique  parameters
1.Production capacity :125 t/h,design production capacity:6 t/h
2.Raw material water content rate8%,finished product water content rate≤0.1%
3.Heat method steam and additional electricity
4.Products collectiontwo grade cyclone
5.Equipment materialSUS316L
Raw material characteristics :
Raw material chemical name: NaHCO3,white powder or fine opacity crystal.Relative density2.2.when NaHCO3 is heat, CO2 is released,under the 100C temperature, it is become half sodium carbonate,under  270300C heat it 2 hours,CO2 will be totally removed and it will become Sodium carbonate.Under drying air, it is stable and under damp conditions, it will be slowly decomposed.
APPLICATIONS:idely applied for drying granule and powder.It can produce raw matarials in the area of chemical,foodstuff,pharmacy,construction matarials,plastic,for example:starch.fish powder,salt,lee.gluten,feed,platic resin,coal powder,A.B.C.benzoic acid,PVC,polypropylene,sodium sulfate,sodium pyrosulfite.


Name         Parameter
Water evaporationkg/h501002505001500
Air filterArea(m2)46183660
Exchange time(h)200(Bag)200(Bag)200(Bag)200(Bag)200(Bag)
Consume of steam(kg)1202354509722430
Work pressure(Mpa)0.6-0.80.6-0.80.6-0.80.6-0.80.6-0.8
Power (kw)7.51118.537125
Feeding machineAmount of transportation(kg/h)15029072517404350
Control modeElectromagnetic Speed-Adjusting MotorElectromagnetic Speed-Adjusting MotorElectromagnetic Speed-Adjusting MotorElectromagnetic Speed-Adjusting MotorElectromagnetic Speed-Adjusting Motor
Power (kw)0.61.1337.5
Cyclone separatorModelCLK-350-400CLK-500-450ZF12.5ZF12.5 
Bag filterAmount11111
Consume of compress air(m3/h)3.6-20.0
air steam dryer


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 1 Set/Sets
Port: shanghai port
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

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