peak-shaving,independent inverting function in emergency, accepting debug command, reactive power compensation

smart power grids, which are the direction of common power grids, are aimed at developing resources, transforming every link of power grid system such as power transmission, power storage, power distribution, power supply, power selling and power utilization, to achieve intelligence exchange and realize accurate power supply, complementation power supply. Smart power grids will increase energy utilization ratio, take in renewable energy sources in the premise of ensuring power supply safety in order to save electricity cost and bring down environment stress. Thereinto storage power station, which contributes to balance benefits of every parties,  controls electric power resource, is the important premise of applying renewable energy souces and effective measure of realizing power grid interactive management. It will be impossible to realize smart power grids without energy storage. 

Though there are lots of ways for storage, LiFePO4 battery storage becomes the direction of developing storage for all countries  for the features of long life, low cost, high effective, good safety performance, convenient construction, mature technology, no pollution and large modified space for future cost and life.

LiFePO4 battery storage system consists of LiFePO4 battery pack, battery management system (BMS), power conversion system (PCS), they will match monitoring system, transformer, grid-connected switch cubicle, bidirectional active power & reactive power charging Watt-hour Meter, and the power range is dozens of KW to dozens of MW. 

Functions of  battery storage system:        

Peak-shaving, increase efficiency of existing power station and power grid;

Ensure safe operation of power grid;

Improve quality of electric energy, flatten efficiency curve;

Reduce line loss, lengthen line life;

Outdoor temporary power supply;

Delay the demand of power grid transformation;

Change the pattern of energy consumption.

Battery storage system application area:

New energy such as photovoltaic wind or solar-wind complementary system integration;

Military usage such as submarine, missile fire launching;

 “Black start” for power grid and power station;

Accident backup and disaster rescue;

Large gatherings;

Large load centre.

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FOB Price: US $ 1 - 10,000 / Piece |
Minimum Order: 1 Set/Sets
Port: Shenzhen
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

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