Roller Massager 1. Facial germanium beauty bar; 2. Anti-aging, enhancing skin elasticity; 3. Face slimming device; 4. OEM

40 Germaniums Roller Massager

Working Principle

It can promote blood circulation, when the facial germanium beauty bar touches the skin, with the mechanisms itself-repair of cells to reach self-replication, repair and newborn, stimulate the formation of collagen, finally to stimulate the organization, and clear the meridians, activate cells, anti-aging, increase skin elasticity, and produce the anion of the role of a beautiful skin. Just need 3 minutes every day , it can achieve beautiful skin effect at anywhere and anytime.


1. Promoting the absorb effect of maquillage wipe out the secretion of keratin.
2. Preventing the ageing, enhancing immunity.
3. Promoting the face blood circulation and metabolism. So slack and improve the phenomenon of natural sodium, such as skin flabby, wrinkles, splash , under-eye puffiness and multiplex under jaw result from age.
1. Convenience to use, save time and money.
2. Needn’t charging, be permanent benefited.
3. Use it whenever and wherever.
4. Using simply, cleaning easily.
5. You can roll the beauty roller gently while enjoying TV and music when you are, make the facial beautification come true, also, you can use the beauty roller when bathing.



How to use

1. Usually handle the massager gently and rolling massage.
2. You can use it to massage your cheek, forehead, around of the cantus and eyes, cello and shoulder.
3. You can use the massager after cooling in the refrigerator and cold water, or warm-upping in the warm water.
4. You can use the massager with cleansing foam, toner and Tran derma.
5. You can use the massager directly after makeup.


1. Found in the course of abnormal skin, stop to use immediately.

2. Please use it in the temperature range.

3. Please Do not disassemble or modify the electric beauty bar body.

4. Children do not use.

5. More than one month under the premise of not using, please remove the batteries out of the body.

6. Face are coated with foundation or make-up note, not directly in the face massage

7. After cleaning the skin lotion or cream can be used after the electric beauty bar.


Package & Transportation


FOB Price: US $ 1 - 100 / Piece |
Minimum Order: 500 Piece/Pieces Roller Massager
Port: Xiamen
Payment Terms: T/T

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