Totally New Design: Towel Butler RQ-30 Series:

Model No:RQ-30YM   Color: Metal Silver   Pattern: Bubble

Function: Towel Drying/Sterilization/Warming/Softening/Toothbrush Sanitizer

Colors Available:  White/Red/Blue/Yellow/Metal Silver

Patterns Available: No Pattern/ Lotus Pattern/Bubble Pattern

Features of Product:

1.NO- noise drying. 2 hours for monolayer towel drying, power only 100W, efficient and energy saving.
2.High temperature steam sterilization, half hour automatic sterilize each time. Special device to prevent heating elements working without water, device against electric shock. Softening the towel with steam. 
3.Five minutes to warm the towel.
4.Dry baby clothes,underware as well as sterilize and disinfect.
5.Prevent secondary pollution, towels and clothes in an isolated container without  invasion of dust and insect pest. 
6.Easy to use, models delicate and beautiful, Convenient to hang and dry the towel and clothes in the bathroom, beautify the room.
7.Effective ultraviolet sterilization automatically sterilizes the toothbrushes in 15 minutes;


FOB Price: Negotiable
Minimum Order: Negotiable
Port: Guangdong
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union

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