Energy savings
Energy costs are rapidly becoming an increasingly large percentage of every manufacturing budget – polymer production is no exception. Sunglight can help minimise your production costs through efficient energy utilisation. Contact heating (heating panels) can be incorporated in fluid beds to great advantage. We employ efficient heat recovery for all drying systems. Partial recirculation of the drying medium can further reduce energy consumption for spray dryers.
Special requirements
Some polymers are standardised, others are special, virtually one-of-a-kind products. Depending on the specifications of your product, a specialised solution may be appropriate. We assist in powder formulation and process verification through laboratory and pilot plant testing, unmatched scale-up experience and global project execution – on time and according to your specifications. We also help secure maximum plant utilisation and possible plant modification to meet new market requirements. It’s all part of the Sunglight solution. Sunglight offers the ideal combination of proven components and customised configurations.Our state-of-the-art equipment and industry-leading product standards increase manufacturing availability and reduce downtime. Sunglight dryers are designed for continuous, round-the-clock operation, with scheduled shutdowns for cleaning and grade changes. Moreover, scale-up of polymer dryers presents no problems.
We work constantly to develop new capabilities that contribute to the efficiency and the profitability of polymer production. Sunglight’s test facilities and accompanying analytical laboratories allow you to establish the feasibility of using Sunglight equipment, optimise process conditions and provide samples for market analysis. Sunglight’s analytical capabilities enable you to move smoothly from development to profitable production by quickly and accurately establishing the drying parameters for your product.


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