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1, biansi elife
2, elife green smoke
3, high quality
4, famous product
5, huge vapor

BIANSI - ELIFE Green Smoke

1, Elife electronic cigarette is a new design and we have once again improved the Imist series. We have solved the problem of tanks leakage when you carry the product. You can now change out the atomizer coil and replace the wicks when needed. The atomizer now comes with a new modular design. You can replace the atomizer coil, instead of having to replace the entire atomizer. Biansi strives to revolutionize the electronic cigarette industry and bring you the best quality products available on the market today.

2, Kit content: one battery, one elife atomizer, 1 USB charger, 1 tank box(3tanks inside), 1 user manual.

3, Atomizer: The atomzier has four parts - tank, top part (tank holder where you find the glass fiber wick), atomizer base, atomizer core.  The glass fiber wick is in the cartridge holder, atomizer core is in the base part, top part and base part connect with thread. The wick and the atomizer core can be replaced when you feel the vapor production seems to weaken. You can usually tell that you need to change the coil if you have a burnt taste or it becomes blackened with carbon residue.

4, USB charger: Our USB charger is constant voltage output, can be used with 5V AC power adapter, such as USB adapter, or laptop USB port to charge the battery. BIANSI AC power adapters are available from a Biansi retail outlet, or please contact us directly.

5, Maintenance: Keep away from the high temperatures and water, if the atomizer does come in contact with water; please ensure it is completely dry before use. Use medical alcohol to clean the atomizer, and the atomizer core. Keep away from any fire source. As with all electronic cigarettes, they do need to be cleaned. Clean the threads of the charger, and your battery by wiping with a soft cloth or paper towel when needed.

6, Precautions for use: Do not vape it too fast as the atomizer may get too hot. If the atomizer gets too hot, it could cause leaking. If you want to use another product other than the Elife accessory on an Elife battery, please consult with your Biansi retail outlet, or visit our company website and consult with us. We will not responsible due to improper operation by the user.


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 50 Set/Sets
Port: ShenZhen or HK
Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union,Paypal

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