Function of Oil-water repellent treatment: By use of compounds containing fluorine technology, impregnate filter materials, the formation of molecular barrier around each fiber. To reduce the critical surface tension of the fiber so that it can effectively resist the water-based and oily liquid stains. Compared with ordinary fabric, these fabric have a more glamorous appearance quality, it will also kind of like the lotus leaf has a great anti-oil, splashing water, anti-stain effect, can effectively prevent oil, water, stains penetrate fiber inner layer, thereby maintain a long-term dry fabrics, clean. This fabric is ideal for filtration of gases mixed with oil and moisture in south rainness area of china.
This treatment can apply to almost all felt types.

Production Steps:fiber opening and scutching --- weaving --- folding --- re-needle punched ---mainly needle punched --- calendering--- water and oil resistant deep soaking treatment --- drying and high TP burning --- heat setting --- finished goods


FOB Price: FOB
Minimum Order: 1000m2 & 300PCS
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