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Capacity: 0.4-300m3/h
Distance: Horizontal: 60-80m; Vertical: 40-50

KRD Tube Chain Conveyors is the continuous conveying equipment for fine powder, granule and massive materials and in three ways to convey: Horizontal, inclining and vertical mix.

In the airtight lines, the chain slice as the driving member brings materials along lines to move. When being horizontal conveying, material granule under the driving of chain slices on the direction of motion will move forward along the slices to form stable material flow when inside friction force of material layers exceeds outer friction force between the lines walls; When being vertical conveying, material granule inside the lines under the driving of chain slices upwards which forms horizontal and lateral pressure and then increases the friction degree of materials between, owing to feeding below detaining materials granule above gliding downwards. Materials granule will move forward along the slices to form stable material flow when inside friction force of material layers exceeds outer friction force between the lines walls and its gravity.

Delivery capacity: 0.4-300m3/h

Delivery Distance: Horizontal: 60-80m; Vertical: 40-50m

Power: 0.2-11KW

Advantages of Tube Chain conveyor system:

1. Positive-displacement conveying device can realize conveying and computing powder, easy centralized control, increasing degree of automation and satifying requirements against environmental protection of modern enterprise.

2. Compact conformation, little space usage, tridimensional conveying direction.

3. Flanges between inlet and outlet are airtight, then there is no need to install filter. When conveying powder, it can be feed in air and can assure that there is no dust spread into environment.

4. Powder is conveyed smoothly along the lines almost with none inside movement; Therefore, there is little dilapidation against materials, slow curve conveying make little material granule into scraps.

5. According to different feeding conditions, distance between inlets can exceed 10m.

6. Chain wheel has been under hardening with minimum abrasion

7. Special transfer dish with extremely low coefficient friction and stable delivery capacity.

8. All our tube chain conveyors use our own computer program for different parts such as conveying line and curve parts to maintain necessary static friction and pullup and providing precise data to reach to low noise and little abrasion.

Application fields of tube chain conveying system

Industry of Fine Chemicals: Dye, paints, coating, carbon black, titanium pigment, ferric oxide, ceramics powder, coarse whiting, fine particle calcium carbonate, bentonite, molecular sieve, kaolin, silica flower, active carbon and so on.

Pesticide Ore: Urea, ammonium chloride, ammonium bicarbonate, soda powder, solid pesticide, tungsten powder, fish oil, copper fine ore powder, coal powder, rock phosphate, alumina powder and so on

Building Material: Cement, clay, yellow sand, quartz sand, clay powder, silica, limestone flour, dolomite fines, Wood chips, fiberglass, silicon dioxide, French chalk and so on.

Foodstuff Industry: Flour, starch, grain, milk powder, food additive and so on.


FOB Price: US $ 10,000-1,500,000/ Piece
Minimum Order: 1 Piece/Pieces
Port: shanghai
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union

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