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1.5V button battery can replace for AG13 and SR44.Application: Watch,Printer etc.Over 10 years shelf life.



High-energy environment-friendly Li-FeS2 button battery

∴       In 2006, Heter company was developing a new kind of iron button battery---1.5V Li-FeS2 button cell.

∴        In 2007, 1.5V Li-FeS2 button cell was finished designing and testing. and got good reaction from clients. Products was putting into the market in 2008 .

∴        It is regarded as the first launched in the world by authorities.

∴       We have got patents of invention in China.


   1,  High capacity, up to 210mAh for FR1154, capacity is higher than Ag-Zn/Zn-Mn cells.

   2,  Low self-discharge. Over 10 years shelf life at room temperature.

   3,   Wide temperature range

   4,   Li-FeS2 button battery can work at the temperature: -20→60 centigrade.While battery    with anode of zinc deteriorate at a high temperature

   5,   Light weight, 70% weight of silver zinc and zinc-manganese battery.

   6,   Environment-friendly, RoHS compliant.

   7,   Abundant raw materials: limited silver resource restricts the yield of Zn-Ag button battery.  Abundant  materials in Li-FeS2 ensure the mass production of Li-FeS2 button battery.


Digital calipers, calculators, DV, electronic clocks, medical equipment, electronic dictionaries, measuring instrument, sensors, plug-in computer, radio transceiver and other electronic equipments.


                        FR1154   VS   SR44

Rated voltage    1.5V               1.55V

Shelf life           10 years          3 years

Temperature      -25~70oC        -10~60oC

Energy density  180mAh          165mAh

Weight              1.3g                2.2g

Hg                    no                   include

A battery of mercury (Hg) can be contained 600,000 liters of water pollution, the equivalent of a person's life water consumption in lifetime.


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 5000 Piece/Pieces
Port: shenzhen or qingdao
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

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