about us

tradesparq.com is a business social platform based on global trade data


TRADESPARQ.COM is a business social platform based on global trade data. It was founded in 2006 and belongs to Tradesparq Holding Limited.

TRADESPARQ® is an international brand of Tradesparq Holding Limited, operating in China HongKong,China Taiwan,Vietnam, the United States, Australia and other
regions, serving enterprises in more than 130 countries and regions around the world.

What do we have

Tradesparq integrates import and export trade data, international logistics data, commercial data and Internet data from customs and ports of various countries around the world to build a world-leading trade intelligence database, covering more than 2 billion transaction data in more than 250 countries and regions around the world, 250 million corporate data and 120 million purchaser background reports.


Tradesparq builds a global marketing channel for global enterprises.Based on the global trade data,

Tradesparq provides users' profiles,market positioning and business monitoringfor

enterprises by big data and AI technology.

  • B2B & Social Platform

    Tradesparq provides enterprises with B2B online display, unlimited upload and promotion of products;Also,tradesparq establish enterprise-level social circles to achieve community marketing.By sharing of products, you'll get unlimited linking of friends' evaluation and online communication at any time.

  • AI Search Mail

    Use artificial intelligence technology to build core algorithms based on search engines and business data to achieve the core profile, social links, key personnel names and positions, You will also get contact emails of multi-criteria search target companies.

  • Global Data Intelligence

    Tradesparq builds a leading trade intelligence system for enterprises, achieving seamless integration of multiple data, multi-condition intelligent retrieval, multi-dimensional comprehensive analysis, and a panoramic presentation of user portraits, business monitoring, and market analysis.


    Tradesparq used cloud-based customer management system, which is called intelligent link to B2B platform, trade intelligence and unbounded search,by importing customer files, to achieve scientific and precise management of foreign trade business.

Leading Global Import and Export Trade Data Platform

By promoting the solution of trade intelligence and data we work continually to encourage all kinds of companies and their products worldwide.


Our integrated service-portfolio creates valuable connections and moments among business buyerss and among suppliers, 365 days a year, Worldwide.

Our purpose

What we believe and what moves us. We are unleashing the world-changing power that lies in global economic integration and put it in the spotlight of society.

Our vision

At Tradesparq.com, we bring export oriented enterprises and purchasing experts even closer to the international trade and keep them up-to-date with all the latest developments on the market.




Dean Yu


A pioneer in B2B marketplaces and international trade services over 20 year’s experience;good background in sales, business development, marketing, and management. Ever worked in Singapore FHTK, meetchina.com, Alibaba.com,CEO of Kingsirs.com, built up Shanghai Doubleclick in 2006 .


Brian Hager

The professional leader with 12 years B2B E-commerce experience.He worked in Global sourcing,Luxsonor Semiconductors and Cirrus Logic company to do marketing.

Michael Kliest

The George in Washington University, USA He worked in Bloomberg, MeetChina.com, and GlobalSourcing with more than 15 years of industry experience in e-commerce.

Consultant team

Humphrey He

Foreign trade Adviser

President of a trading company in Shanghai and director of an Australian trading company, integrated global manufacturing base and established global distribution network.

Huang Qing

Legal Adviser

BACHELOR's degree from Peking University and a DOCTOR's degree in law from Columbia University. He holds a Chinese and Hong Kong lawyer's license. Director of a Nasdaq-listed company.

Felix Tan

Financial Adviser

Executive director of many overseas companies (non-), He used to be the chief actuary of New China Life Insurance and a member of the Actuaries Association of The UK and North America.

Michael Bellamy

Supply chain Adviser

Used to offer business consulting services and supply chain management services to fortune 500 companies. Now offer chain services for export from China to the world.


It has got the investment from Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong investment companys after launch to the public