Top Skateboard Manufacturers

With the weather warming up, people gear up for summer recreations. One way to beat the heat is to surf on the streets with skateboards. To prepare for this summer pastime, Tradesparq decided to find top skateboard manufacturers and suppliers for brands such as Absolute Board Co.

top skateboard manufacturers

The origin of the first skateboard hasn’t been proven; it’s often considered that the skateboard was invented in the 1950s from a collaboration of people. The origin of the skateboard is often said to originate from California when surfers wanted to do something when the waves were flat. Skateboarding is a relatively new sport; in 1995, ESPN held the first ever “X-Games.”

Zhongshan Jeeping Wooden Industrial

Yaki Leisure Co., Ltd.

  • Yaki Leisure Co., Ltd. is a Taiwanese manufacturer that supplies skateboards, long boards, mountain boards, skim boards and relevant accessories.
  • Exports skateboard and skateboard accessories to Tgm Distribution Inc.

Shengzhou Qirui Manufacture & Trade Co., Ltd.

  • Shengzhou Qirui Manufacture & Trade Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer that produces sports products including skateboards, roller skates, scooters, and relevant accessories such as helmets.
  • Exports Skateboards to Bravo Sports.

Huizhou Chop Chop Woodshop

  • Huizhou Chop Chop Woodshop is a Chinese manufacturer; they are owned by Dwindle Distribution that creates skateboard decks for World Industries, Blind, enjoi, and other skateboard brands.
  • They also export skateboard decks to NHS, Inc.

Though we’ve listed top skateboard manufacturers, you can click for more skateboard manufacturers that we haven’t listed in this article.

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