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The main purpose of market analysis is to study the potential sales of goods, develop potential markets, arrange the distribution of goods between regions, and the regional market share of business goods. Through market analysis, we can better understand the proportion of commodity supply and demand in the market, take the correct business strategy to meet the needs of the market and improve the economic efficiency of business . Market analysis is the basis for enterprises to correctly develop the marketing strategy and to implement the marketing strategy plan.

Market analysis can help companies find market opportunities and create conditions for the development of the business. If you want to open up your business in a new market, u need to know the market needs and also the business competitors in the market.All these should use analysis data. Tradesparq can help all of you to make a better market analysis.


Tradesparq is the world’s largest B2B supply chain community for international trade. We’re the best in the world at helping everyone from small importers to large multinationals to find, connect with, and verify potential trade partners.


It has 26 countries import data which can help you efficiently find all the real buyers, analyze market prospects, monitor competitors, timely and clearly know the whole market situation, evaluating business performances


The following is the simple market analysis for plywood (data source :Tradesparq data time period 2017.01-2017.09)




From the Chart , we can know Korea is the most largest import country among the world then followed by united states and Japan. IF we want to develop the new market, we can start from Korea then United states.



From the Bar Chart, we can know Qingdao customs is the most export port for plywood, which can help u to located your suppliers.

But how can we find the suppliers.

Using tradesparq’s import data, it can help u to find the suitable and reliable suppliers

First , use your product name or HS code to search, then search, you can get a list of exporters.

Be our paid member, you can check their transactions to choose who can be your partners.


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