Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe started a global tour of Europe



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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe left Tokyo on Friday to travel to Estonia to begin an official visit to the Baltics and Eastern European countries Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania.

On his agenda, there is confirmation of the coordination of pressure on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the expansion of Japan’s diplomatic borders.

But even U.S. President Donald Trump, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal on Thursday, said he has already established positive relations with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, but declined to say whether they had any exchanges.

Trump, by telephone with South Korea on Wednesday, said the United States is willing to hold talks with North Korea when appropriate and in due course.

On Tuesday, the two Koreas held their first high-level talks in two years, and North Korea announced plans to hold the Winter Olympics in Pyongyang, South Korea on February 9.

However, Japan’s chief cabinet chief Hideki Yoshihide Suga said at a news conference on Thursday that the Japanese government has yet to decide whether Abe will attend the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

Japanese current affairs news quoted sources as saying that since South Korea demanded that the Japanese government apologize to the “comfort women,” Abe plans to skip it, and Japan considers it to be a World War II girl who served Japanese soldier sexual slaves Woman’s euphemism call

It is still too early to predict how far the “comfort women” issue will affect the long-term relations between China, Japan and the ROK.


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